Travel will be as comfortable as possible, air-conditioned vehicle.  And for the experience the local transportation methods, Cyclo, Tuk tuk & Scooter, kyayk & river boat.  Flights from Siem Reap to Phnom Phen with 




Our accommodation across all soul-journeys is in beautiful boutique Hotels & a stunning Eco Glamping Resort floating on the Tatai River.



Cambodia can have balmy tropical days & nights. As such the best way to travel and make the most of your soul-journey is to be comfortable in your environment.


We strongly suggest layering your clothes so you can roll with the days surprises.


Please be sure to leave any very valuable jewellery at home, but what you may like to bring are any special pieces that are ritually important to you or that you may like charged with the positive energy of the sacred spaces that we will visit.


We have laundry facilities at some of our accommodation stays so you can easily pop a load in the machine .. yes laundry is always with you, even on a soul-journey!


Can I really stress enough DON’T OVERPACK . Also do be aware of your airline luggage weight limits. 
::: ONE standard sized suitcase & ONE standard carry on bag ONLY :::


We will have a few casual but special nights out, so you might want to bring a nice dress for those times. 


A suggested list:


  • Loose comfy pants and tops, or cotton-lycra tights for walking & meditations circles.

  • Thongs/sandals

  • Sturdy runners OR trekking shoes OR boots ... oh how I love boots but do be sensible one pair only ladies!!

  • Sunhat

  • Swimwear  - there will be opportunities, either a spa or a dip in the river or under the waterfalls

  • Small daypack

  • Dress or nice going out for dinner clothes

  • Shorts/long pants/skirts 

  • Underwear 

  • Pj's 

  • Something a little special for ritual if you feel like it.

  • Sunglasses

  • A waterproof rain jacket

  • Small umbrella


Bitz n Pieces:


  • Sunscreen

  • Your own personal toiletries 

  • Any medicines you need (ensure they are labelled and are listed on your health form) 

  • Pens & journal

  • Camera and Phone & chargers/batteries 

  • Earplugs (you never know)

  • Water bottle if you like to carry your own

  • Something to SIT on - ground may be wet, cold or even prickly!

  • Your spending money/Credit card - most banks need prior authorisation that you are going overseas.



Anything that makes you feel, special, magickal and the most connected beautiful version of you.



Your phone: please check with your provider whether you are connected to Global Roaming – do this WELL in advance if you wish to have a working phone while in CAMBODIA or you have a smart phone or ipad use skype,  turn OFF your data and ONLY use free WIFI... more on this later.



Citizens of most countries can apply for a visa online or get one on arrival in Cambodia. 


Riel is the currency of Cambodia but US dollars are widely used and most prices will be in US$. When receiving change from a dollar, the cents will be returned to you in Riel. Note that even slightly torn US dollar bills will not be accepted. Visa & MasterCard are accepted in most hotels, and some restaurants. ATMs are very common in every city and town.



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