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Astrology with Larissa

ASTROLOGY | An exploration of your Soul Map

Festival Readings

If you're someone who loves to plan ahead, then I've made things a little easier for you, with an online booking option.


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Larissa xXx


In the luminous tapestry of the universe, each of us is a radiant thread woven into the grand design of existence. Our lives are an enchanting dance between the stars and our souls, orchestrated by the celestial bodies above, guiding us through the mysteries of time. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the depths of your soul's purpose? It is with immense joy and reverence that we invite you to discover the profound world of Soul-Based Moon-Centric Astrology with Larissa O'Neill.


The Moon's Divine Dance

At the heart of Larissa's celestial artistry lies the Moon, the ethereal luminary that speaks to the deepest corners of our soul. In this Moon centric language of Astrology, the Moon becomes the guiding star, illuminating the path to self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and soul growth. Larissa's celestial wisdom & maverick mastery, is an invitation to traverse the sacred landscapes of your inner world, exploring the terrain of your emotions, dreams, and hidden desires.


Goddess Archetypes Unveiled

As we delve deeper into the cosmos of your soul, Larissa introduces you to the timeless Goddess archetypes that reside within. These divine personas reveal the facets of your soul's expression, allowing you to understand your strengths, vulnerabilities, and unique journey in this lifetime. With the wisdom of the Goddesses by your side, you'll find empowerment, healing, and transformation on your path.


Rites of Passage and Spiritual Biosphere

In the labyrinth of life, we all encounter sacred rites of passage, moments when the universe beckons us to evolve and grow. Larissa unveils these pivotal milestones, helping you navigate the spiritual biosphere of your existence. You'll gain profound insights into the cycles and rhythms of your life, empowering you to make conscious choices aligned with your soul's purpose.




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Larissa a cosmic oracle, a soul navigator, and a guide through the astral realms. With a lifetime of love of the stars & the cosmos above & a wealth of lived experience. Larissa has helped countless souls awaken to their true potential, guiding them toward the radiant light of their destiny. Her readings are a celestial symphony, a sacred ritual, & a transformative journey into the depths of your soul.


Larissa O'Neill




Not sure what's going on with your moon?

Woke up with your world spinning on a crazy axis?

Simply intrigued & want to check it out?

A Soulfire Reading offers an insight into the foundation of which you operate in the world & how you choose to show up on a soul level.  We will be seeking insight through your Cosmic Circuitry, your Soul Map


I will intuit what is happening in the stars & offer insight as we unravel where things might be playing out for you in the moment.

1 Hour Reading 

Via Zoom $140

in Person $150




This will be in-depth insight into many qualities of you as a soul & your energy that was infused with Mother Earth the moment you took your first breath.

We will journey through all the various biospheres of your life & explore what this means for you. Consider the energy vehicle that is you, how your navigating in this lifetime & how to utilise this energy that is in alignment with your unique harmonics.

We will look at the goddess' archetypal energy & how you embody this sacred energy. Listen to her voice, in action through you. 


Rites of passage are integral in acknowledging your soul growth. We will look at these patterns & see if you may be in, going through, or been through one at the moment.


The style in which I read is an open conversation. The planets & cosmic energy is an imprints & how we navigate that is unique, to we hone into areas in that resonate with you.

2 Hour Reading 

Via Zoom $240

in Person $250


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