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 'Look to SOUND to create peace in body & mind, look to FREQUENCY to bring healing & wellness, Look to MUSIC to bring joy & delight'

Join Trace & Mana in a heart opening healing session of sound meditation, energy healing & frequency cleansing.

After many months spent in quiet contemplation & renewal, we are stepping forward once more to offer sound alchemy to our CommUNITY.

Creating Sound Circles since 2015 Tracy & Mana are experienced sound weavers, shamanic healers with multi-modality professional training,

we WELCOME you to this sound experience.


Sacred Sounds



By being held in a safe space of community & conscious CO-CREATION you participate passively by lying down, dropping in & receiving.

You then become a Soul Traveller in this landscape of SOUND, between the realms more aware of your internal surroundings & the healing that is flowing through you, directed by YOU.

We select at a soul level which sounds we take in and which ones we tune out changing the vibrational state of our human bodies, and in this magickal state we can achieve the peaceful still point that is meditation.

△ Shamanic style vision journey
△ Healing in the cellular body
△ Future dreaming
△ Trauma Healing WITHOUT reliving the experience
△ Past LIFE Visions for DIVINATION
△ DEEP Relaxation


Using SOUL SONG, Language of light & tribal instruments including drums, chimes, flute, harp, crystal bowls, & solfeggio frequencies, gong, harmonium, sacred scent, ceremonial smoke cleansing, & chant we take you on a journey of surrender, awakening & rejuvenation.

Opening YOURSELVES to the divine energies of the soundscapes.
Blankets, pillows, Yoga matt if you have or floor chair .. comfortable clothing and a water bottle.
$25 Exchange | CASH PREFERED

VENUE: The Sanctuary
Unit 1/33 Galbraith Loop, Erskine 6210
PLEASE ARRIVE at 2:45pm for a 3pm sharp start.
No admittance after 3:00pm as it is too disruptive to the group.

We so look forward to welcoming you to this Soundscape Experience.


We welcome you home 

Wyld Blessings
Trace & Mana xXx

'The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure & beautiful beyond description'

Our Women's Circle is the coming together of women in

CELEBRATION of one another.

Holding Space for one another,  

Sharing, Healing, Manifesting,

Creating & being heard.


This potent apothecary of Moon, Magick & the

Sacred, Wyld Woman within.

Expanding consciousness, celebrating the

sacred feminine and honouring

body, mind & spirit.



" After sitting 'Wild Women Circle' with Tracy McFie for 8 weeks,

I was so impressed with how she held such a safe, open &

non-judgemental space for all the women to be free to speak

from their hearts.

Being open in a safe “container” as a group of women is SO important and something that I hold with very high expectations and Tracy not only held the space for us all to open up and share freely but she also made sure psychically the space was clear and that we were all protected from negative energies whilst being so vulnerable.

Blessings beautiful woman for the important work

you do in higher service to all " 


Tracy McFie ⎜Founder & Co-Creatrix of Wyld Tribe has been holding Sacred Space now for the last EIGHT years here in Mandurah. 

'I am just so in awe of the women who have gathered to heal the Sistahood wound, who hear the call from their soul to come home to self and seek the power and togetherness of women's wisdom' - Trace

See more about Trace & her

personal story

>> Click Here << 

Tracy McFie.HEIC
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