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Felted Drum Bag Workshop

The Sanctuary, Mandurah | TWO day workshop

Sat & Sun 18th & 19th June 10am - 4pm'ish

Our creative fire is a potent force, one that warms the heart & nourishes our soul.  
We will explore the Wet Felting technique, allowing your imagination to speak through your heart & hands.  

Creativity is the Liberation of the Imagination















Over two big days we will felt your very own Drum Bag using luscious Merino Wool & divine silk, sari & fabulous threads.

This is a hands on, heart in workshop.  There is something truly wonderful about returning to the simplicity of life & calling to your creative mastery.  When you get to run your hands through the luscious wool fibres & breathe deep into the unfurling of creativity & dive into the possibilities of your imagination.

We will create a Drum bag, a medicine bag to add yet more layers of magic to your medicine Hoop Drum, infused with sacred intentions.

This is a physical process, completely created by your hands & heart.

Larissa is a Visual Artist, creativity has been, her hearth that she returns to, to nourish the soul, to fill her cup & allow the 'noise' of the world to quiet down. 

The Hearth is a gathering place to share, connect & be present.  

This workshops offer you space to just be, to allow your imagination to explore the creative process & unravel your story.

This is not a place of perfection or expectation. 

This is a space of creative liberation. 

Felted Drum Bag to suit a hoop drum
★ Merino & Corriedale Wool Tops (sorry, not vegan, but it is a sustainable process)
★ Divine Silk, Sari & Threads
★ Trinkets, Treasure & Fabulous bits
★ Layers of magic & intention woven in 
★ All materials & equipment supplied
★ IF you have any sentimental fabric, fibre's, buttons, charms, trinkets or treasures that you might want to incorporate then please bring them along. 

Creative Hearth
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill

Drum size up to 40cm $275 
inc GST

Drum size larger than 40cm $300 inc GST

Includes ALL materials

The Sanctuary, Erksine Mandurah

If you would like to attend a public workshop or host your own please email