Soul-Journey England 2020



19th JUNE - 2nd JULY 2020

14 Days 13 Nights


"The land of my blood it calls me, stretched across the fabric of time  from one life time to another. My celtic roots held deep in the land, they stretch, they reach, they sing ... calling, calling, calling me home"     Trace xXx

Wyld Tribe is so proud to present our FOURTH
International Soul-Journey 
in Wyld Sistahood to the Ancient Land of 
Mystery and Magick 


  • Inner Circle access to Stonehenge

  • 3 Wishes Faery Festival, fun & frivolity

  • Private ceremony at Chalice Well Glastonbury

  • Staying at a Quintessential English Farm

  • St Nectans Glen & the opportunity to immerse yourself under the falls

  • Ceremony & Ritual in some truely magnificent places

  • The possibility of a Crop Circle

  • And a touch or two of luxury & pampering

  • Bespoke itinerary for every journey

  • Experiences like no other 'tour'

  • 14 DAYS

  • Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Devon 

  • Private entry into key locations

  • All Entry Fees to Sacred & Modern sites

  • All Breakfasts Included.

  • 4 Star quality accommodation

  • Twin Share

  • Quintessential English farmhouses, barn conversions, quaint b&b's. 

  • Our accommodation will not disappoint

  • Travel will be in a comfortable, private bus.

  • We will always try our best to offer the highest standards of comfort & safety that we can provide.

  • All Land travel in the UK is INCLUDED in the exchange fee.

The United Kingdom as it is called in this time, holds space for the ancient tribes where the land was the mother, the cycles of the moon & sun held sacred and being part of the tribe was the very essence of life or death.

Through the akashic histories, it is told that the knowledge from the lands of LEMURIA, was passed through with the wise ones on to the time-space of ATLANTIS and when this time was complete the last of the wise ones journeyed with the shift of the lands to AVALON, a haven for the mystery and magicks of old.

Our sacred soul-journey will follow the pathways of both the tribes of the land and journey with the wise ones of old. Winding our way through the labyrinth of Western Britannia, a land entrenched in a mix of culture, people, Fae folk & Magick. 


As we seek our own truths and delve our roots into this wonder space, we ask guidance from the legends of this land both treading the pathway of Arthurian legend, connecting with the Fae and seeking enlightenment from the Priestesses and Druids of the old wayz.


During this 14 day sacred soul-journey, expect the unexpected, be open to great learnings & discoveries. With courage find the freedom & spark of that wyld woman within to go and search for the scattered pieces of your soul, from your ancestral connections of this lifetime & lifetimes past. 


As we soul-journey within the sacred pathways of old, we will be gifted treasures, visions & memories. With these threads of connection, we shall weave & create journey talismans, amulets & magickal tools that will be embrued with this very deep power-filled energy. 


Come with us as we explore Ancient Cornwall once known as Belerion - the shining lands - the place of trixy pixies and hedge-witchery.

Highlights of our Soul Journey England

19th June - 2nd JULY 2020

Starting our Journey right from Heathrow, we begin with:

  • Windsor Castle the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and home of    St Georges Chapel famous within the Knights Templar stories

  • The magnificent town of Wells, including the gorgeous Cathedral


We will explore through the footsteps of Merlin, Arthur & the Dumnonii tribe: 



  • Tintagel Castle & Merlins Cave

  • Witchcraft museum in Boscastle

  • Dolmens & Stone Circles of the South West 

  • Men-an-Tol

  • Castles, valleys and ancient spiral portals

  • St Nectans Glen & sacred water spaces


And more modern features of Cornwall


  • Fabulous graveyards for a touch of the local

  • Some wonderful old pubs for a meal or a pint!


From here we will explore the legends & myths through west-lands of Britannia:


  • GLASTONBURY & Chalice Well both the red & white springs

  • The Tor and the realm of Gwyn ap Nudd- King of the Faeries

  • Sacred circle & ritual at STONEHENGE

  • Woodhenge & the wider ritual landscape of Stonehenge

  • Explore beautiful ancient Bath steeped in Romanesque architecture including time for a divine spa experience in the modern Thermae Bath Spa.

  • Follow the trail of the White horses as they forever dance the Wiltshire hillsides

  • Wander through magnificent AVEBURY and the surrounding ritual landscape

  • Explore the mystery of Silbury Hill

  • Wander the hedgerows from Uffington Hill to Weyland's Smithy & the Faerie Forrest

  • and perhaps a crop circle or two should the others be talking!


If this vision sings to your soul, we invite you to come journey with us on

a soul-journey of wonder, wyldness & sistahood.


Investment price of $5,800 



> FULL PRICE $6,200  

Your Investment Includes:

  • Accommodation in twin/triple share room, 4* B&B, English Farm Stay or similar 

  • Daily Breakfast :: All other meals at YOUR expense ::

  • ALL ground transportation, including service to / from London Heathrow Ibis Hotel ONLY.

  • ALL workshops, rituals & soul craftings by Tracy & Larissa.

  • ALL entrance charges to sacred, ancient & modern sites.

  • And many goodies & shenanigans along the way.



  • Any optional extras offered are at your own expense

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1000 will secure your place on our journey. The balance must be paid in full per the payment schedule 

  • If the progress payments or balance is NOT paid by this schedule, we reserve the right to regard the reservation as cancelled and NO monies will be refunded.


** ALL MONETARY AMOUNTS QUOTED IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS + 10% GST where applicable by Australian Law **


** If not paid in Full by 31st Dec 2019 then FULL PRICE WILL APPLY

** It is 100% your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation, passport,  & if applicable, visa's, medical records/certificates. 



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