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Soul  Journey : ENGLAND 2020



Our soul-journey begins from our meeting place at the Ibis Heathrow, we will journey across the land along the Arthurian trail to our first stop at Windsor Castle. Construction beginning from 1070 this majestic palace is the oldest functioning castle in the world!!


Home to St Georges Chapel steeped in Templar mystery and the order of the Garter. We will explore the beautiful grounds and apartments, and through the beautiful medieval township of Wells in Somerset. Here we will sit our first circle together on the sprawling lawns of the grand cathedral, connect with our new found sistas and partake in a bite to eat.

After lunch, we will hop back on our bus and drive into Somerset where we will explore the stunning cathedral of Wells. With its beginnings dating back to 909 AD, this majestic building will take your breath away, the acoustics at evensong is music & sound made magick! We will also take a stroll over to Vicars Close which claims to be the oldest planned residential street in England. With buildings dated to the mid 14th century. You can literally feel the passing of time & people as your feet grace the cobblestones!

Our first evening together will be spent with a one night stay in this gorgeous little township.




From Wells, we will journey to our beautiful home in Cornwall where we will take some time to relax before exploring the place of trixy pixies, superstition & hedge witches. Based here we will journey through myth & magick to the Castle of the Lady Igraine, Mother of Arthur Pendragon, and explore the Arthurian Myths and Magicks.




Get your day pack ready & board the mystery bus, we are off down the coast!

Today we explore the relics left behind by the ancient Celtic tribes of this land. The dolmens, stone circles, shrines, and glens. Through meditation and soul-journey those of us with the blood of the tribes in our veins will connect through story & song to the places of our ancestors. We will be walking the land of the Dumnonii tribe and their presence is still very much felt within the landscape.


At Lanyon Quoit our first ceremony takes place. The releasing of those soul-memories or experiences that have gifted us their knowledge & learning and the identifying or starting the process to notice what may be keeping us stuck in certain patterns within this life and even the beginning of calling back our soul shards. This place holds such power as to evoke the feeling of shift, change where the new buds of springtime growth just begin to stir at the edges of your being.


From here we journey only a little way down the rd to Men-an-Tol. A place of fertility we begin the dreaming, creating & visioning of what & how we want to grow, the things, ideas and shifts we wish to create. The Wyld Ponies also inhabit this beautiful landscape with the gifts of freedom, beauty, and raw honesty. These majestic animals offer medicine and healing of their own!


Today we will take ourselves to the site of Tintagel Castle. Steeped in mystery and magick, the land really holds the energy of another time. The time space where the peoples beliefs shifted and the merging of the 'old wayz' and the new took a dominant shift to a focus on the 'new' religion. If the tides & weather grace us, we will explore Merlin's cave deep beneath the castle and invite the great wizard to join us in a little journey work. From Tintagel Castle, we will move into the village for lunch, shopping and a little free time. 


In the afternoon, we will take a short drive out to Rocky Valley for a gentle walk through the forest to find the labyrinth carvings. Thought to be from the bronze age 1800 - 1400 BC I truly believe they act as a portal to another space.

We will spend time here connecting to the land its ancient past, its tribes and a possible peep through the portal. 

14 Day Itinerary | South West England


Bath is a town steeped in history, from the tribes of the land and their worship of the hot thermal springs and Goddess to the Romans and their cultured offerings brought to this land.

Bath has been a site of pilgrimage for well over 2000 years. Today we will explore the old city of Bath. Starting at the ancient Roman baths site. We will explore these magnificent ruins and the wonder finds that have been found in the region. We will look at the cross-cultural beliefs that sprang from this gathering of people and tune into the Goddess Sulis Minerva who is a melding of the Celtic and Roman Goddess figures.


For our midday meal, included in your investment price, we will gather together for a decadent three-course lunch in the Pump Room Restaurant. Truly opulent, in the Victorian era, Bath became a highly desirable place to spend one's summer season and as such an air of high culture and refinement sprang forth. Today it is our time to dabble in such finery and perhaps a Champagne or two!


After our decadent lunch, some free time to wander the stunning town of Bath.


We will be meeting back at the modern day Thermae Bath Spa to enjoy the blissful roof top spa pool, overlooking the magnificent architecture of Bath. And there is always time for some divine pampering and toning in the Aroma Steam Rooms. (Spa session included in your investment price) Any additional services (highly recommended) can be added by yourself, see Larissa for more info. There will also be an OPTION to take a hot-air balloon ride over this beautiful city *Weather permitting* this is at additional cost but COMPLETELY recommended.




Glastonbury, a true spiritual highlight for some of us on this our soul-journey, will be a place where we will have the opportunity to spend two days exploring, experiencing and connecting to the Priestesses of AVALON both now and across the veil, the energies of the Fae folk and stories and figures from Arthurian Legend.


Today in the heart of Avalon, Glastonbury we have the opportunity to explore all those fabulous shops and take a walk around the impressive Glastonbury Abby grounds.

The Abby with its beginnings at around 63AD has had a very colourful history with links to King Arthur in perhaps a yesteryear tourism bid,  and its final tumble in the dissolution of the churches under Henry the VIII. 


Today will be one of many highlights of our journey.  STONEHENGE, this magnificent pre-historic monument, just resonates with incredible energy gathered over many, many moons.  The new visitor centre, is now open, offering a world of discovery.  Featuring a permanent exhibition holding hundreds of prehistoric objects from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Also the 'Set in Stone, How our ancestors saw Stonehenge' exhibition. 

It tells the story of our changing understanding of Stonehenge, from medieval myths and antiquarian theories to modern archaeology. An outdoor gallery, which will include several reconstructed Neolithic houses. Using archaeological evidence and authentic materials, these buildings will provide a glimpse of the lifestyles and technology of the Neolithic people who built Stonehenge, plus so much more.

We will then have the opportunity to walk around the monument & take in the energy of this space & a photo op or two..hundred lol..

We then have the opportunity to wander through the countryside to WOODHENGE, another space & time, for journey circle.

Later in the evening, we will commence our private SUNSET visit to STONEHENGE, inside the sacred circle. This space entrenched in mystic history, speculation & wonder truly is a delight to the soul. Its structure demands
attentions and its purpose


Grab your day pack for a day of exploration of the beautiful Whites horses that prance across the hillsides of Wiltshire. We will journey to Uffington, the most famous of the horses & dance along the lines of Dragon hill for meditation connection & fun with the tribe energies of the land. From here alongside the ancient ridgeway, we visit Wayland's Smithy a neolithic long barrow steeped in legend & story. It is said that in times gone by if your horse was in need of a shoe the traveler could leave a coin and his stead and on the morning return to collect his reshod horse.


Today, many leave a silver coin offering in exchange for a wish. Alongside the Smithy, we venture into the  faery forest. This blessed place of beauty & wonder is, without doubt, a homeland of the Fae.


No soul journey would be complete without a visit to AVEBURY. One of the largest stone circles on the planet comprised of three concentric stone circles and a bank & ditch structure, it holds an energy which I personally find very different from Stonehenge. The male and female energies of the stones and the Michael & Mary energy lines that run beneath the land seem to make this structure vibrate and feel alive, its as if the stones are watching the passage of time and hold a frequency, almost like a calling for those of us more attuned to energy. 


The sacred site of Silbury Hill. There is much speculation of what the ancients created here. There is the thought that is is a beacon or energy receptacle left over from another race of people perhaps not of this planet. It was once thought to be a burial chamber and even a refuse heap. Whatever the purpose, this structure is a beacon on the land that draws us close for inspection and thought.



CARDIFF CASTLE .. Jousting anyone??  ... 'Wales is the land of my blood' Trace.

We journey to the capital of Wales, Cardiff lucky enough to be present for a good ole jousting competition at the castle. Delight in old word entertainment on the grounds of this 11th-century castle complex 



On this visit to Glastonbury, as soon as you see the Tor in the distance it will send your body & mind a buzz with energy, wonder & emotion. We will take the pilgrimage to the infamous Tor and walk across the labyrinth to the summit. The entire labyrinth, however, takes much time to walk, we will instead be journeying up the newer pathway.


Place of magick and legend, deep within the Tor it is said houses the fairy King Gwynn ap Nudd, we will perhaps connect with his energy on our meditation.


At the foot of the Tor is Chalice Well. Set amongst the beautiful gardens, the red spring has been a source of healing, inspiration & spiritual power across the fabric of time. In this sacred space, we will sit circle together and have time for quiet contemplation and personal exploration. There can be many emotions and soul experiences stirred in the place, where the connection of the cauldron, of the transformation Goddess Ceridwen, weaves her magick and stirs the memory within you.


Our final circle together at our home in Wilshire then we board the bus and head back towards London. We will be dropping back to Ibis Hotel Heathrow where for those not flying directly, public transport access can also be arranged & luggage storage facilities are available. (Click this link for more info)

Fond farewells ...


Once the bond of sistahood is created it may bend, stretch and tangle but NEVER will it be broken xXx


While we hope to move within the scope of this itinerary as closely as possible, where weather demands & situations beyond our control, days may need to be swapped about or adjusted.


Passports are required for all international travel. Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of scheduled return to Australia.  Travel documents and airline tickets must exactly match the name and spelling as appears in the passport. For Passport holders other than Australian, a valid re-entry permit for Australia is required.

It is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure they have full and correct documentation, Passport & TRAVEL INSURANCE & Health Plan (if applicable) to undertake their journey.


Travel Insurance is ESSENTIAL and a copy of your policy provided to us.





This journey will see us climb over small hedges, walking on uneven surfaces, in paddocks, near stinging nettle and up fairly decent inclines & descents. 

There is MUD, stairways and its the UK so likely rain.  There will also be ferry crossings, so please if you need any 'medication' to make your journey comfortable, please bring with you.   We will be on large ships & ferries, but it is the ocean & weather is unpredictable.

Where available there may be additions, surprises, and new presenters added to our soul- journey.

All that we ask is that you bring with you, wonder, love, a sense of humour, adventure & gratitude and be prepared for the soul-journey of your life!

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