Compassion : DIVINE FEMININE : Wyld Woman : Magick : Sistahood : Elements : Soverignity : LOVE : Circle : Expression : Howl : Moon : Star Seed : Earth Dust 

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Welcome Beautiful Woman

WYLDTRIBE SISTAHOOD ❈ Our mission is to create sacred community, tribe, sistahood. To encourage each and every woman to expand into the deep understanding of HERSELF. To create connection, authentic relationships & a vessel to rise in sacred revolution to create change in our world for all.  


It is not our desire to have you think as we do, not at all!! but to encourage you to explore your own meaning, values & perception. To inspire you to challenge what you have been told and dive deeper. The Wyld Tribe mission is grounded in self-mastery. That each person strives to be the best version of self in any given moment both in shadow and in light and to honour the messy moments which reveal our greatest truths.


To bring healing to the tough times by seeking gratitude for the lessons. To move past judgment and bitterness to see love & beauty.  

Our mission along with many others is to lead the critical mass for the revolution of outdated ideals, limiting beliefs and a world which is fear based and separate.


We strive to be a place of learning for the awakening woman, in service to hold space for greater understanding and provide opportunities to learn, be held, be witnessed and rise to full & potent potential. To find an authentic voice, deep truths and a greater connection in each and every moment that brings more blissful states of being.


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Tracy McFie

I am humbled to hold Sacred Space & Priestess for you, dear wyld woman.  

I walk the Pathway of the Awakened Woman, the Urban Priestess.

I am connected to the cycles of the Moon, the Earth and I step up and RISE in humble service to the awakening woman. I would be honoured if Y O U dear one, would join me here amongst the tribe, with an open heart  I welcome you home xXx  

Larissa O'Neill

Welcome, home Sista, home to self & to Sistahood.  I am humbled by your courage to explore beyond the masks & expectations of life, to seek the essence of YOU.  I am a Wyld Woman, an Artisan, a Priestess, Keeper of the Temples.

I am Sacred Vessel for Women's Wisdom, a Weaver of lifetimes.

I am Mumma of the Earth, the Oceans

& the Stars.  I welcome you home dear one to the magick of your soul. xXx


A CIRCLE of women may just be the most powerful force know to humanity.

If you have one, EMBRACE it. If you need one, SEEK it.

If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy,

DIVE in. HOLD on. LOVE it up.


Let them See YOU. Let them hold YOU.

Let your reluctant tears fall.

Let your self rise FIERCE and fall GENTLE. You will be changed.

The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it.

Please, Please ALLOW it.

Compassion : DIVINE FEMININE : Wyld Woman : Magick : Sistahood : Elements : Soverignity : LOVE : Circle : Expression : Howl : Moon : Star Seed : Earth Dust 

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