:: 7 Day Itinerary Bali 2015 :: 

Day 1 : Sistahood Creation

As we come together in the afternoon, we shall enjoy a welcome feast and entertainment then a sharing of sisterhood in the temple. A ceremony creating a sacred space and weaving a thread of community, authenticity & safety. Honouring the broken parts of our wyld self & commitment to search for deep healing.

Using Oracles to focus your personal stories.


Day 2 : Story, Theme & Event

Unwinding your story so far, giving sacred space to our individual tales not in a circle of victimhood but as a way of expressing with your new found sisters in a supportive environment to get the tale out of your head and into a constructive way forward. We will look at the themes, words, feelings and emotions and with guidance work to the core wounds .. the 'I am, I feel ..


Day 3 : Mask & Mirrors

Taking our circle to the space of masks looking at how our stories might have impacted on the way we deal with themes in our lives whether acting or reacting and what is healthy and what is keeping us from moving forward.

Hiding parts of ourselves through fear; Containing our vulnerability & fragility, and the hardness that may sometimes creep in as a mode of protection.

The crying all day & night then putting on the mask at work or in public while

our hearts are broken inside. 

With some chanting we will begin to move this heavy energy out of our bodies. Using the mirror to really LOOK into our souls, beyond the wounds to the true soul essence

that GORGEOUS Goddess within. 


Day 4 : Darkness & Light, Surrender

Ceremony of surrender, at your PERSONAL point letting go of what does not serve you anymore, exploring what you may still wish to hold onto and delving into possibility creating a new way forward out of pain into light & peace. 

Understanding that is ok, to not be ok!!! but to not setup house and live there forever!!

To begin to tune your vibration to that of LOVE. Exploring the law of attraction and how we can begin to manifest what we WANT shifting our focus from dwelling on loss to

re-creating our stories from a space of forgiveness and love.


Day 5 : Reflections & Forgiveness

Your sisters at this stage are really becoming beacons of light for you.

Mirroring your hope in their eyes and theirs in yours!!

Today we work to the ceremony of the wyld one, reclaiming your true self. With Music, sound, laughter and FIRE we weave the threads of a new way to be, honouring the darkness,

and the cracks in your soul where the lights comes in.


Day 6 : Rebuilding, Empowering your Goddess

Looking at the theme of Karma and what this REALLY means for you. How you can empower yourself to shine and I mean REALLY shine like never before. For you have been to the darkness, you have learnt, grown and changed completely.

Now we take charge, take action and live the lives we know are possible.

Not only a surviver but now a leader, a vision of light shinning in the darkness for others.


Day 7 : Ongoing Sisterhood, Support, Spreading your wings

Healing from the 'big' events is an ongoing process and one that we commit to authentically. Moving through the pain not blocking, healing or covering the pain with new relationships, drugs & alcohol. So having journeyed through this very raw space together we now have made lifelong connections. YOU are supported and loved.

Our retreat completes with a ceremony of Flight sending each sister off with love & support.




Each day will begin with an energy & movement

session & chakra balance. 

You will also have a PERSONAL life coaching session and intuitive READING with Helen as well as theme focused meditation sessions and journey work.


Each day will be exploring both the shadow and light sides of our themes working at the beach or in the temple,

by the pool and the beautiful gardens.

Eating divine, nourishing foods and in the evening enjoying the lighter side of our retreat with sisterhood

dinners and perhaps some music. 


There is space for journalling & personal reflection or perhaps you and some of the girls may want to indulge in beauty treatments and shopping.


This retreat certainly isn't a typical 'girls weekend' but rather a transformative journey of healing. 


Compassion : DIVINE FEMININE : Wyld Woman : Magick : Sistahood : Elements : Soverignity : LOVE : Circle : Expression : Howl : Moon : Star Seed : Earth Dust 

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