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 Whirlwind Journey : LONDON 

~ 5 Day London Whirlwind Experience ~
 JUNE 2018



















Come take in the sights, sounds & flavours of London, on

our 5 day whirl wind experience.

One can not journey accross land & sea without taking in "London" 


Just a taste of all this great city has to offer. 
Your essentail 'postcard' spots, Big Ben & Parliment House, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, The Tower Bridge; Exhibition inc glass bridge, a River Boat Cruise along The Thames, Buckingham Palace, Churchill War Rooms, The Tube (well it is an experience), Jamie Oliver's Recipease, Trafalgar Square a Westend Show & The British Museum. 


AMAZING! history, stories, treasures & antiquities that many have only read about.

So much more than just 'photo moments', the sheer scale, craftmanship, rich & juicy history, the comprehension of the 'what, when & how' of such spaces.


The markets, oh the markets, Portobello Market, for as far as you can see & down every little laneway, they squeeze in antiques, treasures & trinkets, retro, gormet food, music, homewares & so so much more.

Then there is Camden, an experience in itself. The Stable Markets, filled with funky, faerie, goth, punk, alternate, handmade, tribal, doof doof wares of all kinds. AND an amazing Street food market (date dependant).

And if that wasnt exciting enough, Warner Bros Studio London HARRY POTTER. Experience the magic & wonder that is Hogwarts, the Great Hall, yes you will walk through those magnificent doors into the Great Hall, all the costums, incredibly detailed sets & props, taste Butterbeer, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, ride on the Nimbus 2000 & the Wesley’s flying Ford Anglia, against the green screen & more, there is always more!



This is where those postcard moments come to life… 

your life, your memories, your story.

Investment includes:
- Buckingham Palace
- Westminster Abbey
- Big Ben & Parliment House
- Tower of London
- Tower Bridge
- Thames River Boat Cruise
- Trafalgar Square
- Westend Show
- British Museum
- Warner Bros HARRY POTTER
- Markets: Portobello Market & The Stable Markets 


5 Nights accommodation included in shared room, fantastic location

in central London, close to all the action & WiFi.

All this for the energy exchange of 


OR $1600 FULL PRICE per person. 




You arrive in London, Heathrow Airport & we’ll give you directions & meet you. All you then have to do is soak in the atmosphere of London, Sisterhood & shenanigans. No need to worry about accommodation, where to go & where am I? We’ve got this. (although you will be moving dam fast through London, so running shoes essential)

*Itinerary is subject to change.

This is time dependant & we will adjust where necessary.

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