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"I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights”


In collaboration with our Sista's of the Sistership Circle we gather WORLD Wide each month to offer Sacred Circles of change, expansion & deep Loving kindness. Sending a ripple out into the world 'Women in celebration of one another'

'The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure & beautiful beyond description'

Our Sistaship Circle is the coming together of women in

CELEBRATION of one another.

Holding Space for one another,  

Sharing, Healing, Manifesting,

Creating & being heard.


This potent WORLD WIDE INITIATIVE, sends a pulse of Feminine Sacred magick out into our WORLD.

Expanding consciousness, celebrating the

sacred feminine and honouring

body, mind & spirit.



Self love indulgence


★ ☾ ★

You are worthy of love, Sister 

Indulge in self love at this month’s circle gathering 

Fearless self-love awaits you, ready to indulge? 

Learn how to love yourself unconditionally

Do you struggle with truly, fully and unconditionally loving yourself? 


Do you find it easy to give love to everyone else but when it comes to self-love, you

are not so generous and forthcoming? 


Are your acts of self-love saved only for special occasions where pampering is involved?  


Many women believe that at the very core of our beings that we are not worthy or deserving, or that it is somehow selfish, wrong or over-indulgent to show

or shower love upon oneself. 


I get it sista! 

From an early age you may have learned to internalise guilt-laden and shame-creating beliefs that prevent you from truly and wholeheartedly loving yourself. 


We have been taught not to express love for ourselves because this is somehow

selfish, vain and down right wrong. Or because there is something wrong with us and

we do not truly deserve love. 


The truth is,

you ARE deserving and you ARE worthy.

Self-love is nothing to be ashamed of 

it IS a wonderful thing. 


Self-love is often misunderstood, and it is time to redefine and recreate a

new meaning for ourselves. One that allows the floodgates of self-love to open so we can bathe in and embody all of the deliciousness that self-love brings. 


It is time to clear away anything and everything that blocks or diminishes self-love.

Because the more you love yourself, the more you can love others.

But it starts with YOU. 


At this month’s circle, we explore how to love yourself openly, indulgently

and without apology.



Join us as we open our hearts and indulge in self-loving acts and expressions. 


What are the offerings & possibilities ?


MEDITATION to ground and root ourselves in mother earth’s love


MOVEMENT to celebrate our beauty, boldness and brilliance


✧ INTIMATE SHARING with sista's to connect on a soul level


✧ RITUAL to commit to a self-love practice and anoint ourselves to seal

our vows to ourselves


CEREMONY to deeply open our hearts and receive the healing medicine of cacao


Self-love is not wrong and neither does it need to be limited.

This is your time to indulge and to experience what it is like to shower limitless

and fearless love upon yourself. 


We will be using the wisdom, guidance and medicine of Cacao in this month’s circle to support us in opening our hearts and clearing all that has been in the way of us

indulging ourselves in self-love. 


Let us together, clear away all those self-love limiting beliefs so that we can open to increased self-love and deeply know that self-love is such vital,

necessary and positive thing. 


After sitting 'Circle' with Tracy McFie,

I was so impressed with how she held such a safe, open & non-judgemental space for all the women to be free to speak from their hearts.

Being open in a safe “container” as a group of women is SO important and something that I hold with very high expectations and Tracy not only held the space for us all to open up and share freely but she also made sure psychically the space was clear and that we were all protected from negative energies whilst being so vulnerable.

Blessings beautiful woman for the important work you do in higher service to all. Love Sha x

★ ☾★
Tracy McFie ⎜Founder & Co-Creatrix of Wyld Tribe has been holding Sacred Space now for the last TEN years here in Perth 

'I am just so in awe of the women who have gathered to heal the Sistahood wound, who hear the call from their soul to come home to self and seek the power and togetherness of women's wisdom' - Trace

Facilitators ⎜ Tracy McFie & Larissa O'Neill 
Sunday 8th March 2020
11.30am - 2.30pm
Cottesloe Civic Centre
Crn Broome St & Napier St,
Cottesloe 6011

Energy Exchange $60 (inc GST)


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