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Together we RISE

We believe in the essence of true sistahood where ALL women are equal, where all gifts are celebrated and where competition is simply NOT necessary. We believe that by standing together we can be the change the world is waiting for. By supporting each other we can all thrive & by helping each other to live well we set the example for all.


We strive to heal the Sistahood wound

Women have been pit against one another for far too long! The ideals which are so unrealistic have segregated us and pulled down into a spiral of self-hatred and suspicion. We believe the only way to truly live in authenticity is to heal that tear in the feminine tapestry and that begins one woman at a time. As each woman heals, she heals her ancestors and her descendants.


We create circles for women BY women

Our circles, retreats & signature events are run by women for women because we believe it is in this container of safety & understanding that each woman can reveal her vulnerabilities, heal the sistahood wound, find her authentic voice & integrate deep healing.


We provide AFFORDABLE opportunities so that ALL women may have access to this Sacred Work.

We can not even express the genuine lengths we go to make this work accessible to ALL women. We regularly get feedback that our pricing structure is amazing and of great value that far exceeds the exchange. 


We are ambassadors for our mother the EARTH

We believe that sacred revolution is also about becoming consciously responsible for our planet. We attune to the gifts nature give us every single day. We commit to making a change in our own ways to live conscientiously in the modern world paradigm but from a place of respect for life & in harmony with nature.


We believe in Rewylding the Sacred Feminine & the value of diversity.

With the archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’ as our guide, we look to stripping away all the perceived roles and masks ascribed to the modern & even pre-industrial woman. We are feminists because it is UNITY that we seek. And THAT is the underpinning value of feminism!! We honour the transformation of a borderless world and celebrate the unique offerings of all backgrounds, perspectives & cultures. 


We HONOUR the women who came before us.

We pay GREAT, humble respect to the risk takers, rule breakers, the suffragettes & feminists. Those who pushed the boundaries before us that we may rise in this time fuelled by their undertakings. Those burned as witches, disrespected, abused, ridiculed both Brother and Sister alike, that we may now live in a time of bringing the balance back to a space of freedom and unity. Thus we shun the shackles of the patriarchal stronghold and RISE to a united community, tribe & world.


We are GROUNDED in our connection to Mystery & Magick

Now it's not all hocus-pocus or howling under the moon! 

We believe the mysteries of life offer a deep well of knowledge that in its exploration leads us to self-mastery. We believe that Magick is everywhere! In the sunset & moonrise, the sweet summer breeze and the howling winter winds. We believe if you see through the eyes of wonder the world becomes magick and therefore beautiful once more.


Women have a power that the world needs 

We believe that as women rise in sistahood TRULY standing side by side without competition, we shine a light for all humanity of what the new earth can be like. Even the Dali Lama said “The world will be saved by the Western Woman’ (Vancouver Peace Summit) Not because we are better but because we have the resources and freedoms to create change! So will you sit? Or will you RISE?


We believe in Kindness & Compassion

All people have a story, life wounds, and victories. We believe that by observing one another with compassion NOT judgment we can begin the ripple of change. We do NOT tolerator haters, fear mongers, gossips, bigotry or sneaky passive-aggressive energies of any kind! We stand for mutual respect and unity.


We believe in our feminine instincts

We strive to listen deeply to the call deep in our womb space, to use all of our senses and feminine qualities. We use our intelligence to seek out new ways of being and challenge the mindsets that keep us in unhealthy situations. We are guided by our own great spirit and hold that the universe is energy and thus our personal journeys are affected by our vibration .. we believe 'your vibe attracts your tribe'


We believe in the Body Temple

It is our deepest desire that every woman look at her body in healthy and loving ways. That this beautiful vessel of spirit is celebrated for uniqueness, honoured with healthy nourishing habits & held in high esteem by our lovers, friends & families. Thus we ferociously shun the ‘not skinny enough’ 'not pretty enough’ ‘not perfect enough’ ideals of the modern ‘filtered' world. 


We believe that all women are of value, in all stages of life

We hold dear the archetypes of The maiden, the mother & the crone. Every aspect of womanhood, every stage of life is to be revered and held in wonder. The wonder of maidenhood, the deepness of motherhood & the wisdom of the wise one. It is a gift to grow older which is denied to many. 

Welcome Home, dear woman. 

Home to self & home to Sistahood. 

Trace, Larissa & our Tribe xXx

"The wrinkles on my skin just means I smiled a lot! The stretch marks on my belly are my stripes of motherhood & the twinkle in my eyes is mischievousness of my maiden years, but it's the white haired Wyld Woman you'll need to watch".



                   xXx Founder & Co-Creatrix 

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