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Pluto enters Aquarius

✨  PLUTO enters AQUARIUS ✨ 

Time to "Handle your business," people!

Leaning into the energy of this upcoming transit wasn't hard to do. It was a matter of witnessing what is being played out around me, within the world, through conversations, social media, online, and within our daily lives. Astrology really is a living practice.

Grab a cuppa & take a seat, this is going to take a bit.

Pluto is currently at 29º, an anarectic degree in the chart. A potent essential oil distillation drop, the highest potency, taking all that Capricorn has offered and concentrating it into the highest dose. Pluto, Hades, the God of the Underworld, means business—no holds barred, lay your shit out, bare kinda guy. And he's spent the past 20 years in Capricorn's house.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, an Earth sign, is all about foundations, structures, frameworks, and tradition—the way things have always been. Capricorn is a Feminine sign, however, Saturn is Masculine. The way this plays in the chart is about how we want to be seen in the world, our status, the 'roles' we play, careers. Saturn is also the keeper of time. When in a healthy expression, these qualities are about creation, in its pure, checked ego state, to be seen, a sense of authority, and embodying within your bones & knowing your role within society & the world. To take responsibility for the wisdom of lived experience & what we've learned about self, partnerships, the shadows & to build a way of being that is thriving, as individuals and then to community & people.

Well, that was the plan... somewhere along the lines 'we, as a people' buggered it up a bit.

Distortion, unhealthy ego, greed, manipulation, and power over dynamics began to seep into the structure & framework of society.

Where outer authority became louder, we stopped listening to our inner authority. Power struggles, survival, and dominance, at all costs, became an acceptable way of being. If we wanted it, we could take it, buy it, manipulate it, or simply bomb it.

Where the 'upper crust' of society became a smaller minority with a bigger slice & for too many struggle to buy butter, let alone cheese, has become the norm. We have a bit of a laugh about it... but that's hiding so much more than 'we as a society' want to admit to or look at right now.

Where our institutions, such as the government & its departments, health, financial & education systems are breaking & crumbling. A place where too many can't afford to go to the doctors if you can even get an appointment. Where governmental departments, programs & ad campaigns are pushing for healthy eating programs for various socio-economic groups that are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, let alone pay $9kg for apples. When well-meaning alternative 'education' structures have been overpowered & infiltrated by the system they were trying to break away from. Financial systems are playing the game for the benefit of the few.

The masculine & feminine imbalance is playing out everywhere. Self, People, The Foundation of our Society. This is not a 'man v woman' situation; this is a feminine & masculine principle, yin & yang, waxing & waning, ebb & flow. We have been conditioned to get to the top at all costs... 24/7. Selling ourselves & our time for an hourly rate... or sometimes worse still, a salary, for a faceless, soulless, heartless company or corporation.

Okay, so this ISN'T a sunshine & rainbows kinda post... there's enough of the 'insta spirituality' out there & if that's your thing, that's ok, you do you.

Pluto, Uranus (Aquarius), & Saturn are my personal power players, so that's not my kinda jam.

This week, Pluto, Hades, takes a glance at the destruction left in his wake & what he's dredged up for us to look at. On the 20th, and 21st of January, the Sun is shining oh so bright as he swings open the door to Aquarius, and invites Pluto in. Has a bit of those 'you need to invite a vampire before they can come in' kinda vibes.

They step through this threshold together, 0º Aquarius (the same place Saturn & Jupiter met in 2020)... once in a lifetime peoples! This packs a punch & is one of the biggest frequency pulses of 2024.

Aquarius, here we come... we've seen all the rainbow, hippy versions of the 'age of Aquarius' memes & posts about it... hmmmm, nope. Not going to happen... well not yet anyway. We have to "Handle our damn business" first.

The Sun, the biggest spotlight in our solar system, well it's just come on to reveal all that need to deal with & Pluto has brought tricks in his overnight bag as he's only staying till September, then he's popping back to Capricorn as he hasn't quite finished the job yet, before unpacking in Aquarius in November, where he will make it his home till 2044.

Aquarius is all about PEOPLE, humanity, consciousness & society, innovation & technology, quantum energy, about what's known & The Unknown. Now this is going to be fun!

So 'We' as humanity, don't have to push the Reset button again (there is so much more 'pre' history, than history... just saying). We have got to deal with some of the massive issues that have been & will be revealed. Some ways of being will have to die off. Veils will be lifted, Illusions dropped, no more closing eyes, turning away, acquiescing, ignorance or the good old 'not my problem', 'Doesn't affect me'.

You chose to be human... so up your humanity people!

In our own backyard & that of our neighbours, we have many things at play & one of them is a monumental cultural conflict & spiritual bloodletting. The Voice is one example of how distortion, manipulation & propaganda can cause a deeper cultural rift between people of aboriginal & non-aboriginal bloodlines. Played out under the guise of forward momentum, yet the structure of the referendum had dodgy foundations... a great marketing campaign though.

Aotearoa New Zealand, the incoming government, has forced the country back decades in the cultural genocide of Te Reo, the language. This caused massive PTSD in living generations, that their culture was beaten & 'educated' out of them & it has reverberated through the following generations. And in doing so Racism is alive & well. And if you say it doesn't happen... look again. The Treaty of Waitangi & the manipulation, distortion of history & the indoctrination through education... Astrology as a living practice... here it is.

Pluto dredged up from the archives to reveal the truth. So the his'story can be retold. Thankfully Maori & non-Maori (the culture is not gatekept, it is shared), are doubling down on the cultural rebirth & it is coming back stronger. Phoenix Rising!

Well, do we get a rainbow you ask?

Uranus, Aquarius's ruling planet, is a game-changer, the rebellious one & the innovator.

No, he doesn't offer a rainbow, he does, however, bring lightning & 'we' need another massive jolt (2020 is not done yet) to fast track & take a quantum leap for humanity... not just staring at the pretty rainbow-looking for a pot of gold & making a wish.

Lightning comes with a storm, but what I do know is humanity more often than not people come together to help each other after storms have passed.

A meeting place after the destruction, where courage & vulnerability can come to the forefront, where we bravely witness & listen to the lived experiences of people, all people. Where the diverse & dynamic qualities of individuals, cultures, societies, and people are respected, where we learn from lived experiences & the truth of history & herstory.

This is where we can build, create, birth our future, one where we all thrive in our unique individual expressions of self, culture & society. Where Inner authority is felt in the heart & gut, then by the mind, not from external sources, but by your internal wisdom. A society where currency is recognised as our wisdom, insights, creativity & innovation, skills & talents, not the numbers in your bank account. Our world, where technology & ai, will have a foundation of ethics & morals, where humanity is at the leading edge. Where we openly learn from all cultures, as all skin colours have culture (not just the national geographic version of culture), and socio-economic groups... there is knowledge, resourcefulness & skills in all groups. A Brave space where we gather & share, stories, insights & aha's, along with tears, sorrow, heartache & grief.

Where top-down authority is no longer, where circular leadership is the way forward. We need leaders, way showers & pioneers, who hold the code of Ethics, Wisdom, Valour, Illumination, and Mastery where the compass is aligned with, Truth & Justice, Honour & Reverence for all.

Aquarius, Where we all have a seat at the table. Cosmic Blessings ✨  Larissa O'Neill ✨


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