Wyld Tribe : Red Tent


Our Red Tent Circle is the coming together of women  


Holding Space for one another,  Sharing, Healing, Manifesting,  Creating & being Witnessed, so our story becomes woven into the
threads of women's wisdom, not scattered to the winds of time..


Welcome, home sista.

 Wyld Blessings Larissa xXx

∞  Wednesday Evenings   ∞

7pm till 9pm'ish

5th Sept : 3rd Oct : 31st Oct : 28th Nov : 


Shop 1 Pioneer Village , 7 Albany Hwy, Armadale 6112 

Do you hear the call from the Red Tent? Do you feel the yearning?

 It is time dear woman, it is time....... Welcome Home

The Red Tent is a safe, sacred, nurturing & creative space for women to explore the sacred feminine. 

It is time, your time, our time, to hear the whisper, feel the pull, to gather in sacred space. Through all time women have sat circle, to be called into the Red Tent, beneath the moon. We gather fire side & around the hearth, upon mountains & deep within valleys, in tipi's & caves, by the ocean, deep within the groves & forests.  We gather to support, to be heard, to share story & song, to empower & to heal, to inspire, to hold, to witness, to rest & reflect, to release, to rejoice & most importantly to replenish.

We delve within to find our inner spark, for some this is just a feint little flicker, others a wild fire, untamed & relentless, for some, one which glows brightly through every facet of her being, through her body, words & action.  We nurture our sacred flame, this seed of possibility & dreams.
We share ways in which to nourish what we desire in our lives & create ways to bring these aspects into being. We acknowledge our shadows, we welcome in acceptance, we heal if needed, and we too can release that which is no longer for our greatest good.   

We shall gather each month, to share, to seek & create.  
We learn about the moon cycles that exist within us & around us.  We share how these cycles weave, we learn to surrender to the natural flow & work with these rhythms of life.  We feel the pulse of Mother Earth, her seasons & work with her heart beat.  


This is a space that welcomes women, where judgement has no place within circle, a space where open minded & open hearted women gather.  
I invite you to journey home, Sista. 
Wyld Blessings, 
Larissa xXx





"An empty lantern provides no light.

Self Care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly"


Energy Exchange $25 each evening pre paid

$30 on the night

Please bring along your journal, a wrap, shawl or blanket, a low to the ground chair,

yoga chair if needed,to keep yourself comfortable.  

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