Sound Alkhemy

'Look to SOUND to create peace in body & mind, look to FREQUENCY to bring healing & wellness, Look to MUSIC to bring joy & delight'

Sound Healing is a beautiful and very therapeutic way of clearing stagnate energy from our vibration.

By the use of sound we can balance our energy centres, shift through and awaken new vibrations and attract that which our soul desires to us and repel harsher energies.

It is a pathway to quieten the mind and find that space of peace within.

As Sound Alchemists we understand that energy & vibration play a vital roll in the health & vitality of the Body, Mind & Soul Trinity.


Through SACRED SOUNDS we create a space of healing, of tuning in to soul essence, meditation and inspiration.


As hyper-dimensional humans, sound gifts us an opportunity to release past energetic trauma's WITHOUT bringing them into the current mind consciousness & integrate deep & lasting healing.


Please arrive at 6:45pm so we can get comfortable.

Due to the nature of the session, doors will be closed PROMPT at

7pm so don't be late!! 

Please bring water, yoga mat or similar, blankets, socks & cushion and whatever is necessary for your comfort.


1/33 GALBRAITH LOOP Erskine, Western Australia

6:45 pm for a 7pm START

Sound Alchemist
Tracy McFie 
'With the Welsh magick of song running through her veins, this Scared Songstress weaves soundscapes like no other.
Angelic Melodies, Tribal Tones &
Mystic Vibrations
Sound Alchemist
Sha Carter 
'Sha weaves the most melodious sounds through harb, gong, dragon drum & shamanic instruments. The soundscapes lead us on a journey of healing &
soul expansion'

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