SHE of the Stars |   The dawning of a new age





At the dawning of a new age, we are being called to step fully into our allness, to be whom we're born to be.   This is not just a cliche, but a call to arms so to speak. As souls, we have chosen to be in the turning point of humanity & this IS a potent point in our evolution.  
This 13 week series will open the gateway to the STARS, the DIVINE FEMININE & MAGIC. 
We will explore the many facets of the Goddesses, 
divine feminine & elemental energy each Zodiac sign holds. 
Guided by your own personal Astrology chart, you will be able to really explore how this energy imprint plays out in your life.   
We are so much more than our 'Star Sign' in the back of the mag, or on meme's.  We each have all 12 signs in our chart, some play a bigger role than others.  
And 2021 offers so many 'growth opportunities', when we are aware of these energies we can work with the cosmic flow.

Over the next few months, we will gather & learn about the various influence each 'star sign' has on us, how we can choose to embody & draw upon each quality, through daily practices & explorations. 
This is a mystical, yet practical approach to creating a personal relationship with the Sacred Feminine & bringing magical ritual practices into your life, guided by the stars.
Every person on this planet has a unique energy imprint, divinely guided by the Cosmos from the moment of birth.  As the Stars, Planets & Moon dance through the sky above, we feel that pull on many levels, whether we’re aware of it or not. We step into alignment with this energy, with a deep understanding of self, the comic pulse flows through us & we can harness this energy for our own personal growth & wellbeing.  
What happens in SHE of the Stars 
  • Each week we will explore & connect with the elements & the Zodiac signs

  • Embodying this energy in your daily life.

  • Creative Visualisation & integration

  • Guided by your own personal Astrology chart, discover what aspects of your life this is connected to.

  • Ritual practices to bring this into your life, guided by the stars

  • Share this experience with an open hearted circle of women.

  • And so much more

SHE of the Stars
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill

Energy Exchange $444

13 Week Series

Payment plans available.

$100 deposit required 

MONDAY'S 10am - 12pm 
Beginning 1st February 2021

1/33 Galbraith Loop, Erskine WA

Please bring along your journal, water bottle, and anything you need to keep yourself comfortable.

Compassion : DIVINE FEMININE : Wyld Woman : Magick : Sistahood : Elements : Soverignity : LOVE : Circle : Expression : Howl : Moon : Star Seed : Earth Dust 

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