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Astrology & Mythology are woven of the same thread.  The cosmos of above & within, go back through time & culture, creating the framework of myth & story of long ago. These aspects of the Divine Feminine, we hold within us, and it is time to embody these qualities in our daily lives, integrating this wisdom, stepping into the cosmic woman, SHE of the Stars. 
This 13 week series will open the gateway to the STARS, the DIVINE FEMININE & MAGIC. 
We will explore the many faces of the Goddesses, 
divine feminine & elemental energy each Zodiac sign holds.
Guided by your own personal Astrology chart, you will be able to really explore how this energy imprint plays out in your life.   
Explore the many diverse & dynamic personalities & archetypes of each zodiac sign to unlock a deeper understanding of self, empowering you to step into your allness, as a cosmic woman, SHE of the Stars.
This is a mystical, yet practical approach to creating a personal relationship with the Sacred Feminine & bringing magical ritual practices into your life, guided by the stars.
Every person on this planet has a unique energy imprint, divinely guided by the Cosmos from the moment of birth.  As the Stars, Planets & Moon dance through the sky above, we feel that pull on many levels, whether we’re aware of it or not.
Moon Astrology is a powerful tool, a dive deep within, connecting to your soul contract & the ability to articulate this via the language of your soul.   This series, SHE of the Stars, will gift you a gentle insight into this incredibly deep & layered modality, founded by Carol Lewry.
What happens in SHE of the Stars Women's Circle?
  • Each week we will explore & connect with a different Goddess archetype. 

  • Embodying this energy in your daily life.

  • Explore the connection between the Stars & mythology

  • Creative Visualisation in connecting to each Goddess of the Zodiac

  • Guided by your own personal Astrology chart, discover each Goddess & elemental energy & what aspect of your life this is connected to.

  • Creative integration

  • Ceremony to embody the Divine Feminine

  • Ritual practices to bring this into your life, guided by the stars

  • Share this experience with an open hearted, open minded circle of women.

  • And so much more.

SHE of the Stars
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill


Energy Exchange $440 inc GST
This is a 13 week series Payment plans PLUS a $20 Admin Fee.

Thursday  Evening   7 - 9pm
Begins 6th FEBRUARY 2020
Armadale | The Organic Circle
Community Space
Pioneer Village, 7 Albany Hwy Armadale

Please bring along your journal, a wrap, shawl or blanket, water bottle,  a low to the ground chair, cushion,  yoga chair if needed, to keep yourself comfortable.  

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