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SATURDAY 29th Jan.  2022  | The Sanctuary, Mandurah
 ★  OPEN to Sista's & Brothers 

The Inner'verse that is you... in 2022
and the Illumination from the depths of creation

Our world is not what it once was, and not yet what it will be... this is the dive into the unknown, the depths of creation, where EVERYTHING is amplified, intensified & off the charts!  We all have a responsibility to be ourselves, fully, completely & unequivocally true to who we are.  To show up, in our fullness, for it is our self-mastery, gifts & graces that we have chosen in this time, that is needed in the next phase of our evolutionary reweaving.  

2021 was... let's say an experience in human behaviour... in understanding our base needs... in unravelling our armour... and knowing our triggers.   A great division has occurred in many ways, and with grief & grace, we return to our heart, as this is the way through.

2022 asks of us to be the light, not the hammer, to tend to our own spiritual landscape, our inner'verse.  To show a different way of being, to shine our unique frequency & illuminate from within what you want to see in the wider world.   


We are being asked to know thy self & deep dive into the oceans of creation, where our dreaming is illuminated, guided by our embodied values, our inner compass, the possibility is expansive beyond knowing.  We are being asked to swim the songlines of our soul, as we awaken to the fullness of who we are.

Your Astrology chart & the cosmic circuitry that pulses within you, is your own 'guidebook to life' written in the stars just for you.   Every person on this planet has a unique energy imprint, divinely guided by the Cosmos from the moment of birth. Like the Stars, Planets & Moon dance through the sky above, we feel that pull on many levels, whether we’re aware of it or not.
Astrology is a powerful tool, a dive deep within, connecting to your soul contract and the awareness & understanding of self.  

This workshop SHE of the Stars, will gift you a gentle insight into this incredibly deep & layered modality.

What happens in SHE of the Stars
★ We will explore your personalised chart
★ Look into your Sun, Moon & Ascendant signs

★ Learn about the Major Planetary influence of 2022
★ Explore how this energy influences your life.
★ Creative integration of this cosmic insight
★ Share this experience with open-hearted people. 
And so much more.
SHE of the Stars
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill

SATURDAY 29th January 2022

10am till 2.30pm'ish

* Please bring your lunch, notebook, water bottle & anything else you need to feel comfortable


1/33 Galbraith Loop, Erskine WA