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The Goddesses of the Stars

3 Week Series

Monday Evening 6th, 13th & 20th June 2022

The Sanctuary, Erskine, Mandurah

This is a time of change, of finding a different way to 'Be' in the world.  As what once was, is no longer & we have stepped into the unknown.  This is all in divine timing, when our evolution has come into alignment with this shift in frequency of the cosmos above.  Astrology too is evolving & changing.  Honouring the traditional, masculine foundation & now feeling into the gossmer thread of the Goddess, the feminine archetypes, and her weave through the cosmic circuitry within.  

In the ever-shifting tides of our current world, we are being asked to dive deep, to move with the flow & expand into all that we are. The Goddesses of the Heavens offer yet another holographic layer of connection & understanding of who we are... and WHY we are here.

Who you are, the frequency you carry & the pulse that is your life is all part of this masterful creation.  This is your Soul Signature, your resonance, the imprint that you leave in the world.  

Over the 3 weeks we will explore our core qualities, self-mastery & understanding the unique self, your soul signature that is YOU.  We introduce ourselves to the Goddesses, the Feminine Archetypes within our soul. 

2022 is yet another BIG YEAR. When we have an understanding of who we are & our soul's frequency we can harness the cosmic energy & work with it in our natural rhythmic flow.


The core foundation of your personalised Natal chart

Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign 

We meet the Goddesses of the Heavens

★ WEEK 2 |  The Goddesses

We welcome in the Goddesses of the Stars, Ceres & Vesta

★ WEEK 3 |  The Goddesses

We welcome in the Goddesses of the Stars, Juno & Pallas Athena 

Every person on this planet has a unique energy imprint, divinely guided by the Cosmos from the moment of birth. As the Stars, Planets & Moon dance through the sky above, we feel that pull on many levels, whether we’re aware of it or not.
Astrology is a powerful tool, a dive deep within, connecting to your soul blueprint and the awareness & understanding of YOU.

This workshop SHE of the Stars will gift you a gentle insight into this incredibly deep & layered modality in dynamic & fun ways.

What happens in SHE of the Stars?
★ Explore the many various qualities that we are. 
★ Reflection opportunities.

★ Creative exploration & integration.
★ Shares.  As it is through connection that we grow.
And so much more.
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill

Payment Plan avaliable

$100 Deposit + $50 cash per week.

MONDAY Evenings

6th, 13th & 20th June 2022

6pm Start. 


1/33 Galbraith Loop, Erskine WA