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The Mastery & Artistry of You

4 Week Series

Monday Evening 7th February 2022

The Sanctuary, Erskine, Mandurah

You are the Artist of your life, how you choose to paint & sculpt your world, is up to you.  Do you stay within the lines or express wildly?  Do you stick to the colours that are comfortable, ensuring that they are clear & returned to the box in order... or do you use EVERY crayon in the box, down to the stubbs & use every bit of it?  Are you clean & precise or do you get messy & get covered in life?  
There is no right or wrong, it is the core qualities that we express onto the canvas that is self & life. 

In the ever-shifting tides of our current world, we are being asked to dive deep, to move with the flow & expand into all that we are. This can be scary for some & for others a sense of liberation they crave.  

The world we know is in transition, and it is going to take some time before we find an equilibrium, that supports ALL.  We cannot wait for others to 'fix it', 'save us', it is up to each & every one of us to do our part, to show up & offer our mastery, in all its glorious colours.  You have chosen to be here in this time, remember that.  Who you are, the frequency you carry & the pulse that is your life is all part of this masterful creation.  This is your Soul Signature, your creative fingerprint the mark that you leave on the world.  

Over the 4 weeks we will explore our core qualities, self-mastery & understanding the unique self, your soul signature that is YOU.  See what MAJOR planets will influence our world this year & where the 'stage' will be set for you personally.  

2022 is set to be yet another BIG YEAR. When we have an understanding of who we are & our soul's frequency we can harness the cosmic energy & work with it in our natural rhythmic flow.


The core foundation of your personalised Natal chart

Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

★ WEEK 2 |  Your Soul Currency

What is your soul currency?

What is the anchor to your core values & belief system?


★ WEEK 3 |  The Pulse of 2022

The tone of the year, the boundless & expansive pulse to awaken the Muse within. 

★ WEEK 4 |  Songlines of your Soul

With the Artistry of your life, what masterpiece are you creating? 

What does your soul sing for?  
What is the great vision do you wish to see in the world?

Every person on this planet has a unique energy imprint, divinely guided by the Cosmos from the moment of birth. As the Stars, Planets & Moon dance through the sky above, we feel that pull on many levels, whether we’re aware of it or not.
Astrology is a powerful tool, a dive deep within, connecting to your soul blueprint and the awareness & understanding of YOU.

This workshop SHE of the Stars will gift you a gentle insight into this incredibly deep & layered modality in dynamic & fun ways.

What happens in SHE of the Stars?
★ Explore the many various qualities that we are. 
★ Reflection opportunities.

★ Creative exploration & integration.
★ Shares.  As it is through connection that we grow.
And so much more.
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill

Payment Plan avaliable

$100 Deposit + $42 cash per week.

MONDAY Evenings

Starts 7th February 2022
7th, 14th, 21st, 28th February

Arrive 6.45 for a 7pm Start


1/33 Galbraith Loop, Erskine WA