What is a Sistahood Circle?

April 30, 2018

So the first thing I wondered when I started working with Wyld Tribe, was - what is a Sistahood Circle?  


And of course, it’s easy to go to Hollywood and think of movies like The Craft and imagine girls sitting around chanting with their black eyeliner and knee high socks!



Well obviously it is nothing like that - and I’m sure everyone is relieved.  Mainly because I don’t want to wear knee high socks…


The current series is Gratitude for the Soul - and I think for a lot of us, this is something we all need!


Here’s a common conversation I hear or have regularly:


Me:  Oh hi Sally, I love your dress, it’s gorgeous

Sally: Oh this old thing, Oh I just threw it on before I left

Me: Wow, your hair is stunning Laura

Laura:  Oh it’s not as nice as yours, I can never get it to sit like that

OR my favourite

Me: Hi Amanda, you look great today!

Amanda:  No I don’t, I’m definitely menstrual and feel like I’ve put on weight and ...etc etc etc


Oh women, why do we do this to ourselves?  Why can’t we be happy and love ourselves? I am also guilty of this! Someone comments on how strong/fast/fit I am and I immediately want them to think I’m not that great or I’m very average..instead I should celebrate my achievements, and respond with ‘oh thanks, I’m working hard and loving how fit I am’.  


Reverse the genders and watch men have the same conversation!  The men take the compliment and usually add an extra point eg ‘oh thanks, yeah I’m in the gym a lot, really notice my six pack is coming along nicely’ or ‘oh thanks, yeah trying a new style, thinking of trying some facial hair to add to the look’.  Obviously do not quote me on these, but I’m sure you’ve complimented a man or heard him complimented and heard a similar response.


So why am I bringing up men in this post about women?  Because it shows that women are really bad at gratitude - either towards other women or themselves!


The Sistahood Circles are run by Tracy and Larissa and these next sessions focus on that - Gratitude.  


I’m not going to try and pretend I know what this is all about, but I do know that a lot of women have amazing experiences with the Sistahood Circles, because there’s no pressure to be someone other than themselves, along with other women in a safe area.


It’s not ‘woo woo’ or dark eyeliner and knee high socks, yes there might be chanting and some visualisation but there will be a lot of love and support from other women in similar situations or who also need to spend time working on gratitude towards themselves or their loved ones.


So don’t miss out.. There’s still a chance to come along and enjoy a circle, get to know other women and find some gratitude for your soul.


Sistas,  join us for this Sacred Women's Circle


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