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June 28, 2018

I used to wonder why people would stay away from me, or why when out men would go near my friends and stay away from me.


I always gave myself an 8 out of 10 in looks (haha I know super modest) but for some reason, the guys stayed away and I would often struggle to get served at bars, cafes and just generally people didn’t want to help me.


So I started to face the world with anger rather than hope - I thought to myself, well if you guys won’t support me I’ll do it all by myself.


I stopped touching people, stopped giving people hugs when I saw them, in fact touch from friends almost scared me.


The wall went around, and the defensiveness started. For a while it came down when I met my now ex husband.  But then it started going up again during a very bad marriage, and it was still up when we separated - only a few people are able to get around it.


But Trace and Larissa have somehow knocked it down.  I’ll probably have to give Trace a bit more credit for the knocking, she didn’t have to use a mallet or large weapon - instead she just did what she does so well, she talked to me, she laughed with me - and she smiled with me. Yes that’s right - I started to smile more.


The hugs are always forthcoming from these amazing ladies, and in fact everyone from Wyld Tribe. I had to let myself relax into the hugs, the smiles, the support.


And that’s when I realised - we need to allow ourselves to smile more, to let people into our lives. Otherwise we will be angry and sad all the time. And the checkout chick at Coles deserves more than angry Skye!


Yeah I’ve had a tough time, but maybe if I smiled more when I was younger instead of trying to act cool and emotionless - I wouldn’t have spent so much time working on my resting bitch me, its perfect!


But these days I just smile - at everyone!  The checkout chick,the waitress, my doctor, a stranger on the street.  Whoever it is - they get a Skye smile - and its so much better than that resting bitch face I used to give them.


I thought it was an emotionless face - it was really just a scary ‘don’t f*** with me’ face that would have some people running away!


So where am I going with this - stop trying to keep people away, let them in. Smile more, that will make you laugh more - which makes everyone happy.  

Wyld Tribe has so many different events and experiences that allow for the happiness, the celebration - the smiles! Watching the group in England, once upon a time I would have felt resentful and purposely separated myself from them. This time I’m celebrating with them (while wishing I was there) and hoping I can make it to the next one.


Every photo I have seen of the England Soul Journey is SMILES, smiles from everyone - there is so much happiness.  And it makes me want that all the time with this amazing group.


So smile - it makes you and everyone around you happy.


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