We need a village...

July 26, 2018

The other day I read a blog post about villages for mothers and how there is none, and it made my heart ache a bit.  


We as a western society appear to have lost the ability to be a village, mothers are really alone with new babies and children, they are expected to be heroes and show everyone on social media how well they are coping.  And yet most of the time they are not.


And I think about when my mum separated from her husband (aka my dad) and other than my sister and a couple of friends, she had to get through it on her own.  


And pretend she was okay, even when I knew she wasn’t - but as a selfish 22 year old I had no time to sit and listen to her cry, yell or do whatever she wanted to do at the thought of her marriage being over.



Then I think back to when my cousin died at the age of 17 when I was an 18 year old, my auntie had lived in a commune in Balingup since he was a baby and I saw what a village can do - they came to her aid, they supported her, they cooked for her, they loved her and they helped her grieve.  


She didn’t have to act like the strong woman, she could sob and no one judged her, she could collapse and people would be there to pick her up, or just hold her.


And I think about every Wyld Tribe event, or when I’ve been with the women of Wyld Tribe, and I realise - they have recreated the village.  Larissa and Trace understand how much women need the village, how we crave support from women when we are at our lowest, our highest or just need the support of the village.


Wild Woman Weekend and Sistahood Rising create that, encouraging women to celebrate, to create and to be themselves within the Tribe - their village.


I was chatting with a woman at Wild Woman Weekend who had been grieving the loss of her husband and she told me she couldn’t have done it without her wyld sistas, the women supported her to mourn, to remember but not to feel embarrassed at her emotions.  It was a moment for me that really opened up what Tribe is all about and I was suddenly so proud to be part of this amazing group, this amazing community.


I really do love the authenticity of the women & true sistahood, and I only wish I had been more open to it when I saw the adverts or events on my social media feed.  Instead I was closed, I could do this by myself, I didn’t need anyone. And yet I did.


So yes, we do need a village - our tribal origins are still very much a part of us, that is why we all celebrate a wedding, or grieve at a funeral but the other times of our lives, there is silence - except when Wyld Tribe creates their amazing events and encourages women to embrace the feminine and celebrate one another.


So take the time - come along to Sistahood Rising in November and celebrate yourself as a woman.  Don’t worry, I’ll be there looking around in excitement and wonder - it's my first one too, so let’s do this together and enjoy being part of the village, the Wyld Tribe!


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