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August 9, 2018

I never really thought of myself as a queen, I’ve known a lot of them as a former actor and performer - but they were queens in the drag queen sense!


So when Trace sat me down, suggested me it was time to find a babysitter and attend an entire series of Sistahood Circles - she obviously knew I needed this.


I’m one of those who likes to perform for people, I’m always ‘on’ and happy and sweet.  Ask my friends to describe me and it’s always the same - I’m like the Baby Spice of The Spice Girls.  So the idea of trying to find my INNER QUEEN scared me, a lot!


So along I went to the first Circle on Monday, and after a horrific day dealing with ex husband stuff - I know some of you can relate, I probably wasn’t in a great headspace.  


Trace is so good at making everyone feel at ease - and the group of ladies were so lovely, plus did I mention Trace makes you feel like have always been to these events!


I think the biggest aspect for me I find the hardest is that I’ve spent the last 15 months healing myself after separating by being physical - exercising constantly, doing ‘things’ around the house, having fun with my little boys that i’ve sort of forgotten there’s the spiritual side of Skye.  She’s definitely been neglected - the last time I probably focused on her was before I was pregnant with my second son, and he’s 2.5 years now!


So the concept of journeying to find the queen, whether that’s me or the person I need most to focus on right now was SCARY.  And yet the whole experience was so easy, don’t get me wrong - I’m still a bit tentative about the next week and what to expect but I’m also excited.


When I arrived back to the babysitter, who is also my best friend, she said to me - this is what you need Skye.  You can only throw yourself into exercise for so long before your soul cries out for some love too!


And so here I am, a few days after my first official Sistahood Circle, reflecting on my experience.  I’m not ready to say, I’m changed or I am a new person, but I am ready to say that it’s exactly what I needed, that it’s the start of my spiritual healing and I’m glad I get to have Trace lead me on this journey with some amazing women…


So stay tuned, Week 2 is in a few days and I’m sure I’ll have more to say.  


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