And then I found my Tribe

August 31, 2018

And then suddenly - I found my tribe.  What an amazing week for a ‘muggle’, someone who didn’t even realise she had a spiritual side.


After the second week of Circle where I was feeling pretty connected to the group and gave my first flower reading a go - with medium success, the entire week changed for me.


I had been seeing a man who although amazing attractive and fun, was definitely holding all the cards, and was in control of everything, including my emotions.  And I decided - enough. I had done that once before and it took me 14 years to leave, I wasn’t going to get emotionally involved, fall in love and be back to square one.  So I ended - I told him, unless I was number one I didn’t want the emotion of seeing him. And wow, yeah I was, and still am a bit sad - but I’m not checking my phone endlessly for messages, I’m not dealing with him cancelling on me, or me having to do most of the driving - I took back my control.


I was the queen in this situation, I took control of my life, of my destiny.  And it felt amazing.


So by the time I arrived on Monday night for the Sistahood Circle, I was definitely feeling pretty strong.  


And the night just got better, the evening was inspiring, we all opened up and the connection was nothing I had ever experienced before.


For so long I felt that the only people I could connect with were exercise types - fit, strong women and men who understood what I wanted in life.  And yet here was this group of women, who on the outside looked like I would have nothing in common with, and yet I was sharing feelings I had never really expressed to others, allowing women I’ve only just met to see the emotional side of me.


And this little muggle felt connected for the first time in a very long time.  Spiritual connection is something that has been missing for a while, particularly after my separation - and yet here it was.  With a group of women I never would have expected to connect with.


Oh Sistahood Circles - you have surprised me.  I was SUPER nervous my first week, to be truthful scared SHITLESS, and suddenly I’m connecting, feeling things I’ve never felt before and discovering a side of me I had forgotten about.


Trace helps make the process so easy and ‘pain free’, she’s an amazing woman who sets you at ease and makes life so much easier. 


I’m excited for the next stage in this journey, to start exploring more of this spiritual side of me, perhaps removing some of the muggleness from my world and discovering more of me.  


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