Wyld Tribe - The New Girl's Perspective

April 19, 2018

I have to admit when I first met Tracy and Larissa I was overwhelmed and slightly intimidated by these two very strong women who had a clear vision of Wyld Tribe.


I was also very confused about everything!  What’s a Red Tent, what’s a sistahood, why is Wyld with a ‘y’ instead of an ‘i’, what is a crone and isn’t that just a Disney character?  



I suppose it was definitely my upbringing and perhaps even my friends that had me feeling this way. I grew up in a normal household but spirituality wasn’t a big focus, it was more about being the best you could be.  


My mum’s family were Jewish Hungarians who escaped and they very much stayed away from anything religious or spiritual due to the effects the war had on them and that must have rubbed off on my mum.  My dad was too busy working for me to ever really be aware.


So I suppose spirituality took a back seat, and when faced with the concept of this being right in front of me, and no one stepping away from talking about it, it was quite overwhelming.  


However after they calmed me down, and started explaining the whole concept of Wyld Tribe, sisterhood, empowerment of women and general celebration, I finally started to get a glimpse of what it is.


And the first thing I realised was - there is no man hating to be seen!  I separated from my husband a year ago and I was definitely in a bad place, doing a lot of man hating.  And I found myself surrounded by negative man haters.


If only I had found Wyld Tribe at that moment, when I needed women to lift me up and celebrate me as a woman - and not put my ex husband down.  I suppose the main part of this was, I had spent so much time focusing on why he was so bad etc but it wasn’t actually about him. And that’s when it finally hit me - Wyld Tribe is about women, focusing on us as women, that I’m a strong amazing woman!  They celebrate all elements of women, and I finally understood exactly what this was about!

After spending some time at the Wild Woman Weekend and chatting with some of the beautiful women there, the lightbulb moment was had.  I was sick with the flu, trying to stay away from gorgeous Tracy who has just become Nanny McFie with a newborn at home, and I was almost crying with these women as they told their stories!  


Wow, what some of these ladies have been through, and they are taking the time to honour our stories & yet still celebrate one anothers uniqueness.  



It was truly amazing, and if it hadn’t been for the fever that was starting to take over my body, I wanted to stay and discover more.


So as a ‘muggle’, someone who is a complete newbie to this Wyld Tribe world, I have realised a few things. They are:


  1. There’s not much woo woo around, its just women being amazing

  2. Tracy and Larissa along with the team are so inspiring and are just about creating a sacred space for women to celebrate one another

  3. Men are not hated, in fact the men of the group (husbands, partners etc) are amazing and supportive, without them it would be harder to make this work. They honour the men that rise in support of the Sacred Feminine, which I found amazingly inspiring.

  4. Women rock, yes we do.  When we aren’t hating each other or competing - we are celebrating, lifting and loving.  


I am excited to start my journey with the Sistahood Circles, learn how to Chakradance, and go to my first Sistahood Rising, Sistafest of Feminine Revolution, in November.


So women, I say, be proud, be beautiful, be amazing and discover why Wyld Tribe is the place for every woman to celebrate themselves & each other!


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