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Join the Sacred ReVolution of WOMEN who are on a journey to ReWylding. Breaking free of the old ways of being to live a life of Passion & Purpose.

'I am Wild Woman
I am deep, intuitive, wise & FREE.
I am brave in my vulnerability, deliberate in my healing & I seek to be truthful & honest in my allness'

The POWER of Women's Wisdom in the circle of life is the foundation of compassionate conversation, deep learning and is about being seen, heard and held by the feminine as we unravel the current narrative and its effects on our lives &

the way forward.

NOW more than EVER before we desperately need the sacred space of the women's circle.

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Women's Wisdom

12th AUGUST - 2nd SEPTEMBER 2021 ✩ 
4 Week Series.

What are the offerings & possibilities ?

✧ MEDITATION to ground and root ourselves in mother earth’s love.

✧ VIBRATION Drum Healing to bring us into our bodies.

✧ READINGS Bring a flower each week to practice our intuitive gifts.

✧ MOVEMENT to celebrate our beauty, boldness and brilliance.

✧ INTIMATE SHARING with Sista's to connect on a soul level.

✧ RITUAL to commit to a self-love practice and anoint ourselves to seal our vows to ourselves.

✧ CEREMONY to deeply open our hearts and receive the healing medicine of cacao, Self-love is not wrong and neither does it need to be limited.


This Women's Wisdom Circle is for all women of all ages & walks of life who

are conscious and looking to nourish their soul, connect and create an empowering

Sistahood commUNITY.

I welcome you home 

Wyld Blessings
Trace xXx

'The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure & beautiful beyond description'

Our Women's Circle is the coming together of women in

CELEBRATION of one another.

Holding Space for one another,  

Sharing, Healing, Manifesting,

Creating & being heard.


This potent apothecary of Moon, Magick & the

Sacred, Wyld Woman within.

Expanding consciousness, celebrating the

sacred feminine and honouring

body, mind & spirit.



" After sitting 'Wild Women Circle' with Tracy McFie for 8 weeks,

I was so impressed with how she held such a safe, open &

non-judgemental space for all the women to be free to speak

from their hearts.

Being open in a safe “container” as a group of women is SO important and something that I hold with very high expectations and Tracy not only held the space for us all to open up and share freely but she also made sure psychically the space was clear and that we were all protected from negative energies whilst being so vulnerable.

Blessings beautiful woman for the important work

you do in higher service to all " 


Tracy McFie ⎜Founder & Co-Creatrix of Wyld Tribe has been holding Sacred Space now for the last EIGHT years here in Mandurah. 

'I am just so in awe of the women who have gathered to heal the Sistahood wound, who hear the call from their soul to come home to self and seek the power and togetherness of women's wisdom' - Trace

See more about Trace & her

personal story

>> Click Here << 

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