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A global project remembering the frequency and power of a women’s voice.  
(or) – of our voice..

To be heard we must speak and we all have something to contribute to our web of life.

This a time of remembering, igniting the ancient practice of singing.

In these times of requested separation, accept this invitation to create a sacred

space and activate our voices and feel the power of the web of life.

We are the channel

between the earth and the sun.

This practice will stimulate a feeling of aliveness and connection.  

Gathering together and raising our voices will have a ripple effect into your life in the most wonderful inspired ways.  Let’s play and connect into creative heart focused

activity and evoke the power of this portal and together be beacons of this time.

If you are feeling disconnected and isolated, hear this call to return to

circle to sing your soul song.

You have a body you are a soul. it’s time to remember who you are and

why you are here and what you are here to do. By gathering we feel the collective

and this is the leading edge of this time to amplify the wondrous sensation of

Love and radiate this to our human collective perception of possibility.  

You are so much more than what you think and what you do

impacts more than you realise. 

This is not about getting it right and it sounding pretty, these are the stories that keep as small and on the same merry-go-round… which isn’t so merry hey!

This is all about the feeling of bringing through the power of your voice

to be seen and heard.

Raising our voices together in circle, is practice for our everyday life to hear our own voice come through when we need to speak up for ourselves.


Community Soul Song


7pm 1st SEPTEMBER 2021




Tracy McFie from Wyld Tribe & Helen McKenzie from Compass Tarot & Astrology

are calling in commUNITY soul song.

First we will meet over ZOOM on Wednesday the

1st of September at 8pm WA Time, 

to create the group intention of our song and begin the particulars of how we are

going to stitch this all together.


ANYONE & EVERYONE is welcome to be part of this Soulful Project.

PLEASE click going in the FB event to stay on formed and to receive the Zoom

link for our first gathering.


Wyld Blessings

Trace & Helen   xXx



Tracy McFie ⎜Founder & Co-Creatrix of Wyld Tribe has been holding Sacred Space now for the last EIGHT years here in Mandurah. 

'I am just so in awe of the women who have gathered to heal the Sistahood wound, who hear the call from their soul to come home to self and seek the power and togetherness of women's wisdom' - Trace

See more about Trace & her

personal story

>> Click Here << 


Helen McKenzie ⎜Compass Tarot & Astrology

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