SISTAHOOD RISING is Perth's Premier Residential Women's Event. Our intention is to gather the collective FOR the collective in celebration of one another, our Uniqueness & Wyldness.

Our Sistafest's inception came about as we recognised the need for the women of Western Australia to gather as a community in Sacred Sistahood to celebrate all that is is to be a WOMAN.

 Our work in the world is to create Community, Tribe, & Sacred Sistahood. To encourage each and every woman to expand into the deep understanding of HERSELF and her ALLNESS.  To create connection, authentic relationships & opportunities to RISE in Sacred ReVolution and affect change in our world for all.  

Our mission along with many others is to lead the critical mass for the revolution of outdated ideals, limiting beliefs and a world which is fear based and separate.

We strive to be a place of learning for the awakening woman, in service to hold space for greater understanding and provide opportunities to learn, be held, be witnessed and rise to full & potent potential. To find an authentic voice, deep truths and a greater connection in each and every moment that brings more blissful states of being.

Wyld Blessings

Trace & Larissa 



Search for the Holy Grail

In ancient esoteric history, a superior spiritual consciousness known as "Grail" has had 5 appearances - the last was The Chalice. Now the search for the 6th Grail has begun. What is its purpose? How do we find it? Discover your role in the most important treasure hunt in the history of humankind.

Alison has been an active seeker of esoteric understandings for over 30 years. She is a respected wisdom-keeper and energy worker within the Perth community and regularly teaches courses in esoteric studies, provides spiritual counselling, conducts sounds healings and facilitates ceremonies


Crystals and the

expanded heart

Come and join Bobbie from Aryelique , on a journey of discovery into the power of Crystals and how they can enhance and empower our lives. You get to play and receive! Crystal gifts and a magical Heart Expansion Healing. Allow yourself to dance and play with the crystalline energy!

Bobbie from Aryelique , Teacher and Retreat Manager for Rachelle Charman's Academy of Crystal Awakening is a diverse individual in many modalities to support and empower others in their healing processes. Through her own life experiences she is passionate helping others realise they aren't alone.


Astral Travel

This is a unique opportunity to explore beyond your physical senses, obtain first hand knowledge of your existence, receive activations, healing and enhance your meditation practice. This workshop introduces you to the fascinating world of astral travel.

Talia is an experienced teacher, healer and facilitator of astral travel, meditation and Theta Healing. She has assisted many people along their path of awakening and creates a warm and welcoming environment for her clients and students to enhance their intuition, healing, learning and expansion.


Writing for Healing

Looking for a gentle and caring way to unpack some of your "stuff"? Explore the power of writing to heal your past and help create a vision for your future in this supportive and safe environment. Sharing is encouraged, but not compulsory. Writing experience is not required.

Alyssa Curtayne is the creator of the Chakra Cards, an English teacher, energy healer and a believer in the brilliance of every person. Her gentle compassion helps you to believe in yourself.


An Evolutionary Gift from the Cosmos

Drawing on the esoteric knowledge of spiritual science and the zodiac to understand how our physical, spiritual and karmic body is created. Journeying through sound and eurythmic movement to feel into the subtleties of our physical and energetic bodies.

Bri & D are two soul sistas with a purpose to educate and heal through love, light and empowerment. In helping to realign the soul’s truth and potential, they use the knowledge and wisdom of the heart to transform and reawaken the inner spiritual being.


Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Circle

Would you like to expand your consciousness? Are you ready to experience your own spirituality? Do you know you have a number of limiting beliefs you would like to clear? Then join Catherine Fewings, Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Ceremony Celebrant, for a spiritual journey with drum medicine.

Catherine has been practising shamanic healing practices with groups and individuals for many years. Her passion is to support others connect to their own spirituality, to nature, and to bring like-minded people together to transform lives.


Alchemy of the Sacred Labyrinth

Discover the power of the labyrinth for accessing divine guidance, balancing chakras, and integrating mind, body and spirit. Journey to the labyrinth heart to meet your deepest wisdom. Experience a guided labyrinth walk with the medicine drum & also make your own personalised finger labyrinth.

Sophie is a facilitator of sacred women's circles, a ceremonialist, medicine womban and mother. She communes with her deepest wisdom through walking the labyrinth on her bush property as a daily practice, witnessing its' transformative power.



Temples Of the HolyWoman

 SacRed Revolution requires Soul Devotion and SacRed Responsibilities. Are You ready for Higher Spiritual Learnings and Union ? Are you ready to BEE a Radical Activist on your OWN Behalf and step through the GateWay of the HolyWoman and Her Temples? Will You Accept and Embrace the HolyWoman within?

UrMariAna (Patricia Corner) is HolyWoman! She is both Light and Dark Woman. She has always been a traveller of SacRedPriestess Mysticism, a Quest that has taken her deeply into the shadows of distortions, treasures and activations of the Wise and Knowing. As HolyWoman She truly Embodies Joy!


Sacred Blood

Explore the magick and the mystery of our blood and bring the sacred to your cycle. Create a sacred potion, infused with the energy of sisterhood we will learn to flow with our cycle and learn about our blood. We journey for initiation and return blood women, holding the power of our sacred blood.

Sequoia is a mother, writer, witch, priestess of women’s mysteries, teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, working with women privately and in workshops and circles. She works in service to the Goddess and is dedicated to the sisterhood and the vision of living the healed feminine.


Divine feminine & unleashing the Goddess within

Join Natasha for a nourishing experience to connect back to the divine feminine energy that resides in you, the she, the true YOU. The goddess is within all of us and connecting to her is connecting to your true authentic self. Awakening her is awakening you.

Natasha’s journey for the past 4 years has been finding her way back to her true authentic self and in this process she came across a powerful meditation that reawakened the goddess consciousness within.This journey has been transformational which led her back to a state of wholeness, freedom & love


Alchemy of Breath

Let's take a journey into the heart of YOU. Through continuous breathing, you will become deeply connected to your soul's voice. Breath journeys access a powerful consciousness through your soul and your subconscious mind. Come breathe your powerful medicine & alchemy from within.
Katie O'Malley is an International Holistic Therapist, mother of four daughters & founder of Igniting Hearts. With 20 years experience in the healing industry of embodiment, somatic therapy, psychology, physiology, shamanism, mindfulness & breath work. Her feminine energy is unique & inspiring.



EmbodiMe is an inspirational workshop with Liz McComish where she weaves her signature blend of Tantra, Yoga, TCM, Integrated Trauma Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, Polyvagal Theory & Yoga Nidra to guide you into your essential self, your light-filled spirit, your divine soul.

Liz has studied under some of the most influential teachers of our time in Yoga, Trauma Therapy, Tantra, Reiki, Myofascial Therapy, TCM and meditation. Liz magically weaves these together into an experience that enables you to connect into the inspiration and pure love at the core of your being.


Laughter Yoga

Experience joyful laughter & easy movement, connecting with your inner child and heart space. Lisa's enthusiasm and laughter is infectious as she leads you through easy movement, breathing and clapping, it won't be long before your belly laughing yourself! Leave feeling invigorated and uplifted.

Since 2009 Lisa has been sharing various styles of yoga within her community, including Beginners, Hatha, Yin, Kids, Laughter & SUP Yoga. Presenting at both Flourish & SW Yoga Festivals and co-hosting the popular Nanga Bush Yoga Retreats, Lisa's passion is ever present and her enthusiasm infectious!


Cosmic Womb Waters.

Water, Mermaid, Heart and Yoni activate our Rising Serpents. Women of the Rising Revolution are often known as dangerous for they conspire on behalf of their own Spiritual Soul Song. UrMariAna will enchant and educate with gifts of storytelling inspiring you to know a deeper Woman Truth.

UrMariAna (Patricia Corner) is HolyWoman! She is both Light and Dark Woman. She has always been a traveller of SacRedPriestess Mysticism, a Quest that has taken her deeply into the shadows of distortions, treasures and activations of the Wise and Knowing. As HolyWoman She truly Embodies Joy!


Journey to become your sacred tree

Come and journey to view your sacred tree. A guided shamanic journey with Lesley to discover messages from spirit at this time. You will also gain more insight into what is going on in your life right now and how to nurture and nourish the self more.

Lesley is a shaman, empath, channel, naturopath, artist and mother. She has been practicing shamanism for over twenty years and has developed a guided process to help people understand the symbolic landscape of their journeys. Her passion is to assist people to stand in their power.


Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

Let us go on to the Land, tune-in, meditate and journey with the plant spirits.  Receive the gifts of healing and wisdom from your own unique experience of connection and communion with the plants.  Make a flower essence and continue to connect with the plant with your own healing essence!

Rachel is a qualified naturopath, with over 20 years experience as a practitioner and educator of herbal medicine and is the founder of SelfHeal Organic Tea. 

Her passion and experience weaves together knowledge and intuition of the therapeutic, energetic and synergistic qualities of the plants.


Initiation of the Dragon Keepers

The Dragon consciousness is protector to ancient Earth magic. After centuries of remaining in their realm protecting it, finally the call for their return has been heard. This initiation is a call for those ready to remember & re-unite with this magic, to become a student & care taker of a Dragon!

Kylie is a multi-dimensional healer, artist, and mother to 2 boys. She's an ambassador for sovereignty, aligning with ones personal Truth & recognising we are all healers. Kylie continuously brings her Soul memories to the forefront of her mission of igniting the return of our organic DNA blueprint.


Fundamentals of Yoga

Join Kat from Wild Spirit Yoga and visit some of the basic fundamentals of yoga – principles of alignment, breath and philosophy. We will be delving into the theory and practical aspects of yoga as we take the time to connect our mind, body and spirit in a fun, safe and non-judgemental environment.

After many years of travel, Kat has returned home to share her deep passion and all-embracing knowledge of Yoga. With an open heart and a wild spirit, she aims to inspire others to invite stillness and balance into their lives through conscious movement, sacred ritual and nourishing mindfulness.


Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen Witchery Workshop will teach you how to create a sacred space in your kitchen, bringing in magick, spellwork, spirit, love healing energy and the elements to help you create & bring daily ritual to the heart of your home, incorporating herbs, tools, moon magick, intention & connection.

Shaluna has worked with Spirit for many years, fulfilling her life's purpose & feels very blessed to be able to help others by doing the work she loves. Walking the path between light & dark she is able to bring balance & harmony back to client's homes. She is also a Tarot Reader & Healer.


Trance Dance.

Trance Dance is a Neo-Shamanic movement journey that allows participants to experience an altered state of Consciousness within a safely held space. We set Conscious intention, add in Breath of Fire, a Blindfold, Music and Movement. We move Freely as there is no one to watch you. A Dance Like No Other

Sohalia has been dancing as long as she can remember, classical ballet to clubbing, 5 rhythms to Open Floor. Trance dance offered her something unique. She discovered her body had moves she had never accessed before, releasing old patterns, receiving visions, downloads and experiencing states of Bliss


Spiritual practice of Menstruation

Healing the wounded feminine through reclaiming feminine wisdom and reconnecting with the Women’s Mysteries… The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation

Jane Hardwicke Collings is a grandmother, midwife, teacher, writer and menstrual, birth and menopause educator - a modern day Women’s Mysteries Teacher. Jane founded the School of Shamanic Womancraft. 


Mending the heart.

Journey back to find the pieces lost, the pieces ready to be brought back and mended within. This Intentional Creativity workshop takes you to find your inner landscape and create a healing painting to take home.

Gisela graduated from Color of Woman(TM) in 2017 and has been teaching Intentional Creativity(R) classes since. She is a Perth based Artist and Creative Medicine woman, passionately guiding women to explore their inner world in a fun & supportive way through creative practices. 


The Art of Henna

What an amazing art form henna is like getting creative? Like feeling calm relaxed & meditative. come learn the amazing art form that is henna. You’ll get down & dirty & have heaps of fun while you unlock your creative self in space to inspire YOURSELF.

8 years ago I picked up a henna cone & drew on myself a lightbulb went off & never in a million years did I think this amazing art form would send me on the most amazing journey. The way it smells the way it makes me feel happy. I aspire to inspire before I expire. 


Align your life with your

Soul Song

So many people are going through the motions, doing what they they should do rather than following the guidance in their heart. Through sound, meditation and education we’ll unlock your heart and reconnect with the purpose in your heart and design a lifestyle that aligns with your Soul Song.

Fiona is Peak Performance Alignment coach in helping people bring the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of their reality into alignment so they can stop playing their role and start living their life.


Healing after traumatic childbirth

Sometimes after giving birth, we are left feeling traumatised. Within these experiences and our feelings are teachings that are helpful for our personal journey toward healing. This workshop will provide processes and the space to find those teachings and release any held trauma.

Jane Hardwicke Collings is a grandmother, midwife, teacher, writer and menstrual, birth and menopause educator - a modern day Women’s Mysteries Teacher. Jane founded the School of Shamanic Womancraft.


Sacred Sounds Journey

As the Moon ebbs & flows we ride the sound waves to create SPACE, to dive deeper into self and to call back our soul shards.

As Sound Alchemists, we understand that energy & vibration play a vital roll in the health & vitality of the Body, Mind & Soul trinity.

Through the SACRED SOUNDS, we create a space of healing, of tuning in, meditation and inspiration.

As hyper-dimensional humans, sound gifts us an opportunity to release past energetic traumas WITHOUT bringing them into the current mind consciousness & integrate deep & lasting healing.


Breaking down the barriers.

 Be inspired to be your best. Learn from Soulful Lifestyle Coach, Deanne Moulden, how to break through common fears and blocks. In this workshop you will learn 10 exercises for your personal development to: * work through limiting beliefs * gain self-belief * help you achieve your goals

Deanne Moulden is an exceptionally warm, approachable and insightful life coach and thetahealer, guiding others around her to be their own rock stars in this forever changing world. Deanne has had to adapt to many upheavals in her life which has given her a passion to help others do the same.


Dot Mandala

 Art Mindfulness is a form of expressive self-therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The goal is to improve a person’s sense of his or her personal well-being.

Brooke's aim is to help other learn new skills and let go. After many years of depression and anxiety, she found that Art, especially coupled with Mindfulness, was a wonderful way to cope and let go and is now helping others through her personal experience to overcome their battles.


Your three brains.

 Be Westbrook will be offering a thought provoking, interactive and hands-on workshop that will challenge your learnings and conditioning. Through intuition derived from Ancient Wisdom and science, Be will be sharing how it's ok to be heart driven. Come learn about your 3 brains; Head, Heart n Gut.

Be Westbrook is a woman of pride, compassion and joy. She has etched into her skin her life slogan: “Live Life Through the Eyes of Love”. Be describes herself as having a love for life that pushes her to achieve goals. “To seek knowledge and education is a gift we can give ourselves”.


Awoken Wisdom

aWOKEn Wisdom sister circle will see you awaken your wisdom through ritual! Together we gather as women sharing our hearts through the sacred KAKAO medicine. Come and be held deeply, journeying a guided crystal bowl meditation, and co create a flower offering to call in your hearts desires.

Katie O'Malley is a International Holistic Therapist, mother of four daughters & founder of Igniting Hearts. With 20 years experience in the healing industry of embodiment, somatic therapy, psychology, physiology, shamanism, mindfulness & breath work. Her feminine energy is unique & inspiring.


When Women were Warriors.

 A delve into the life, art and training of the warrior woman. You will awaken the bloodlines of warrior ancestors then prepare for the training arena. Training involves various weapons including bow and arrow, throwing axes, knives and swords. No combat but this is a physical workshop.

Cara Walker and Meegan Woodstone are the founders of a Social Club called Timber Meets from Woodstone farm. They wanted to find ways to bring people together away from social media and bars. Timber Meets is founded on rewilding, people learn ancient survival or art skills and meet likeminded folk.


Medicine Wheel of Ho'oponopono

The safe place. It was inside of us all along. The medicine wheel is a homecoming anchoring & guiding us in the lore of connection to all living beings. The ancient practice of ho’oponopono brings us back into the right relationship through reconciliation & forgiveness. I am home.

Mana anchors all of her skills into the medicine wheel. Her passions include meditation & sound therapy, holistic counselling & creating women’s workshops & retreats. Tribal earth medicine - bringing you home to self.


Intuitive Painting

 Intuitive Painting involves tapping in to your innate creativity to connect deeply to self. This technique is all about the process and not the end-product. This frees you up to express deeply and spontaneously all the weirdness and wonderfulness that makes you you. No experience necessary.

Angela has a passion for the healing power of art and is currently studying Creative Arts Therapies. Her relaxed, supportive approach in her Intuitive Painting workshops helps soothe the hesitation some people feel when creating art and she always brings an element of fun into everything she does.



African Drumming Circle

 This presentation is designed to bring women together to learn the djembe in a fun environment. Djembes are used to inspire, celebrate and communicate. They provide a means of exploring your inner self, and expanding your consciousness while being part of a community.

Rochelle and Tracy met at last years Sisterhood Rising and have since been inspired to come together and create Pachamama Soul Expressions. Both Rochelle and Tracy are drawn to the benefits that soul receives through the particular vibrations emitted through drumming and song.


Altar in a box

Together with the elements you will create a transportable "altar in a box" crafting with love and passion, the elements will support and embrace your creativity in this fun playshop. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit join us to inspire and awaken the elements in you.

Ang has supported women in a variety of roles over the last 30 years. Working with women on the margins, in a variety of settings, supporting her Sistas in practical ways, walking with them in their lives. Her spirituality is intrinsic to who she is, her first time presenting to a gathering of this kind, she is honoured and humbled.


Remembering WomBmans Medicine

A Journey of Remembering, Connecting to our Devine Intelligence, our True Nature. The Earth Mother Mu, Cosmic Mother, the Ancient ones, The Originals, call to us Guiding us Home to Center. That which is our Medicine as WomBman( The True meaning of Medicine is That which Will TEACH You & HEAL YOU)

Welcome Beauty-Full WomBman, I Am Honoured to Witness You in Your Remembrance of All that you are. I Am WomBman, Mother, Birther, Midwife, Sage, Dragon HeArt. I Am Another You. I Am Mothers Daughter, her Vessel, her Truth. I look Forward to Journeying Home to Center with you.


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