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  Tarot . . .
          is a curious tool for divination. 
Often misunderstood yet powerful nevertheless.

The cards have a life of their own as they act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the lived experience. They help us to receive messages from the 'higher' self to aid us in this journey of life.
  Open yourself to the

                                                   of the cards
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I am offering you my intuitive insights, the wisdom of the cards

in person in Mandurah or Waroona

or ANYWHERE > via Zoom

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Connection to Spirit & beyond the veil has been strong within Trace since she was a little girl. She has since gone on to develop her skills over decades & through lived experience


Trace's grounded heart-centred connection,  insights & messages are delivered as they pulse through her being & a witnessed in the cards, for you & your conscious growth.

I have always been able to see beyond the veil, the liminal spaces, where the untangle could be felt in every way, yet not always heard with clarity.  The Tarot is a powerful tool to be guided by, to articulate the in between, the spirit realm & the soul's knowing. 

Tarot has been dealt by witches & way-showers, gypsy's & seers, and now the urban priestess & the empowered woman.  I have laid cards upon the table for many moons, trusted in the guidance & direction, then life shifted and changed, tarot was used for personal direction & solace, put aside in a public context for a while ...

and then deep in my bones the ache was felt, the calls got louder & could no longer be ignored. 

They called me home to my yet another layer of my self mastery.

And so the next evolution of laying the cards begins ...

My insights are not from books & go beyond the surface value of the cards, they are but a rabbit hole to dive into, where the life force of the card is felt, through The Priestess, The Hermit, suits & swords, and the heralding of Court, and the potent & powerful Tower card.

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