Magick ∞ The Elements of Life

Reclaiming Witchcraft Tradition

The Reclaiming Tradition was brought to the public in Starhawk’s Spiral Dance and is practiced

worldwide as a potent mix of magic, personal empowerment and activism.



CORE CLASS ∞ E L E M E N T S ∞ 14th & 15th May 2016



2 day Non- Residential Reclaiming Core Class

FREMANTLE, PERTH WA ~ 14th & 15th MAY 2016







::The Elements of Life ::


"Woven through the fabric of time, elements of power and magick

We are the embodiment of spirit : Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

the alchemy of the mystic, grounded in our human experience"

∞ Trace ∞


The elements invoke a sense of wonder and mysticism. An innate response to the spell of life.  How do we expand our connection to the forces around us? Grow our consciousness of the divine within and  feel the potency of the

magick running in our veins?


This weekend we will explore skills of magick, the ‘how to’ of ritual, visualisation, spell craft and circle casting. We will raise energy, expand our edges, look within and weave deep connection. Using tools such as trance, movement, song, and deep listening we will open to the elements and the divine.

We will invite our ancestors and allies to help us expand our sense of self as the magickal creatures that we are.


This is a core class in the Reclaiming Tradition of witchcraft and is offered as a grounding in the foundational tools of the Craft. All are welcome, absolute beginners, and experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their practice.

Come and join us, make magick,  and deepen your connection with

the Elements of Life.


This is work that is never finished 

“we are a circle within a circle with no beginning and never ending”



This NON-RESIDENTIAL workshop will run over 2 days.


Saturday 14th May : 10am ~ 9pm & Sunday 15th May : 10am ~ 5pm




Please bring a journal and pen, cushion to sit on & wear comfortable clothing.

The price of the workshop is set on a sliding scale $220 - $300 

you are invited to pay what is appropriate to your income.


We are committed to making this work available to people of ALL financial means

~ please contact us should you require further assistance ~






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 Our Teachers 


Over the past 20 years, Tracy has been invloved with all matters of magick, mischief & sacred circle. She walks a Shamanic Pathway, is a Healer & Space Holder, Fitness Professional, Meditation Facilitator & Sound Alchemist.

Tracy has run a vast number of circles, sacred spaces, local retreats and international Soul-Journeys, and has presented at 2 Goddess Conferences and the Seven Sisters Festival.

Her authenticty as a 'space holder' and connection to spirit comes from a place of love and her true commitment to creating nurturing spaces for people to connect with their Wyld beautiful self. She was simply born a 'witch' always having the inner knowing and deep connection. Over time she learnt, listened and honed her craft and a number of years ago the RECLAIMING tradition & teachings became part of her practice.

KARIN RAVEN is a Reclaiming witch and teacher and has been co-creating empowering, open hearted rituals for over 20 years. Raven works closely with faery, trees, and the land using tools such deep listening, voice, and song as a means to open our hearts. She believes nature and the wild are all around us, everywhere, in the city, in the country and all places in between.

Raven loves to work magic out side, no matter the weather, believing it is closeness and affinity to the natural world that brings joy and knowledge as well as enabling connection and healing for ourselves, our communities, and the Earth. Raven lives in the middle of Sydney, Australia in a tall thin house with a garden on the roof. She loves to grow her own vegetables with her hubby and 14 year old son and watch the clouds scud over when it’s windy.​

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