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the Witches are riding the broom to GERALDTON

Wyld Woman & Modern Witch Trace McFie & the incredible Rockstar & Witch FIONA HORNE will be stirring the cauldron & brewing all sorts of witchy magick, exploring the mystical arts & opening the sacred circle to experienced Witches, Women & New Generation of Witchlings! 

During this great shifting within humanity, the time is NOW!  You are the ones we're been waiting for & we stand in circle alongside you, as we initiate you into the Sacred Art of Witch.

The beautiful Brooke, Triskelle Bodycrafts, sent a call out across the ether, calling in the witches.  We felt the call, charged up the Dyson & Geraldton here we come...

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The Harvest Festival...



At this time in a sacred honouring, of the seasonal changes of the Earth & of our loved ones, our Ancestors, those who have passed from this time.  We will seek into the realms of practical magick shared in Fiona Horne's, sensualistic book, 'The Art of Witch'.  

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As we empower our own self mastery, guided by the sacred tools of the Witch, we learn to harness positive transformational power, hope and optimism, as a foundation during these challenging times of great change in the world.  Through lived experience, Fiona will share inspiring personal stories of her lessons and adventures from around the globe,

We will CAST CIRCLE & delve into the potency of RITUAL. 


We will deepen into this dynamic energy as the wheel turns & we embody our allness, the best version of self in this moment & expand this energy out into our daily lives.  When we circle together, the amplification of this energy & being witness to one another, this pulse of change is palpable & tangible.  THIS is not to be missed, this circle will call to you through story & song, through your bones & the deep beating of your heart. Do you feel it?  Do you hear it? 

May the Circle be open but unbroken...
Blessed Be ☽❍☾


6 PM • 18+ EVENT

WoorRee SCout HALL, 

8 Morris St, Bluff Point