To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go and place them into each project you make.

Wyld heART Moon Circle


As 2019 unfolds we contemplate what this year will be for us.
This year is a potent & fertile time, to begin the weaving of these visions, what you set in place TODAY has ripple effects well beyond this calendar year.
It is time to seed these visions into our heart, body & our self-expression, then taking action & opportunities as we manifest these visions into our lives or reality, in the hear & now.

What do you choose to create, expand within, birth, explore, integrate & experience?

This is your opportunity to gather in Sacred Space, in a Wyld heART Women's Circle. To share, witness, unlayer, explore & CREATE what you choose to birth into this year.

This will be YOUR creative space to set your intentions utilising a number of dynamic techniques & tools. Then we will bring those intentions together by Soul Crafting your very on Magical INTENTION BOTTLE.

This is a Sacred tool, powerful, purposeful, fashioned by your own hand & heart, integrating the energy of intention... OMGoddess, potent creations!



These Magical Intention Bottles, will hold your wishes & spells throughout the year.  The more you work with, focus on & embody your intentions, the more palpable the energy becomes.  And when we feel this on every level, the universe & our guides, create opportunities for these intentions to then manifest into YOUR reality. 

We will be learn sculpting techniques using resin to create your unique magical vessels.

During the day you will be able to soul craft, either 1 large Intention Bottle, or a few smaller Intention Bottles. 
The larger bottle can be placed on your altar or sacred space, healing room as a gratitude jar or 
holding your dreams, spells, crystals & herbs... oh the possibilities 

The smaller bottles can be worn as a pendant or used to carry flower or vibrational essence, oil blends & so much more.  

Wyld heART
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill 


Energy Exchange $110

includes all materials used for your soul crafting projects. Although if you have anything special

you would like to include, please bring it along.

Sunday 17th February

from 10am - 4pm
Please bring a floor cushion, journal, 

water bottle & your lunch.

Mundaring Wellness Centre
16 Craig Street Mundaring

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