She was devoted to the moon.  In its darkness, she found comfort. In its light she found hope.

Wyld Moon Temple



Women have always been drawn by the cycles of the moon, even if we are not aware of it.  This magnificent sphere of crystalline light that ebb & flows with the tides of the ocean.  A movement that has been danced through all time.  No matter where you are in the world, no matter your culture, beliefs or religion, the Moon shines down upon us in her magnificent glory.

The Wyld Moon Temple is a beautiful space that women can gather, go within & explore the moon & her dance within us & around us.   The moon is an incredible force that we connect with.  In times when she is full, we love to rejoice & celebrate, often emotions are heightened intensely.  In times of her darkness, we feel drawn to stay quiet, to snuggle up & withdraw from the world. And all the phases in-between, like us, the Moon has many guises.


What does that mean?  What do you do?  

Well as women, we gather, we support each other, we share our stories, our highs & lows of life & most importantly we witness each other.

Knowing that we hold this space sacred, so our stories are not told or shared anywhere else & we don't try to 'fix' you! 

 Have you ever sat under the moon & laid your heart bare to her? 

This is a similar space, held be the heart lights of the Women in Circle with you. 

We have different themes each month, depending on the moon & astrology, then we explore how that connects to us with what is, or isn't, happening in our lives.  We explore these emotions, dreams, wishes & desires using many diverse techniques.  We set our intentions for the following moon cycle so we can create beauty filled moments in our lives. 

When we live our life hearts first, in alignment with our intentions & wishes we  can truly live a life of joy & presence, no matter the challenges we face.  


What happens in a Wyld Moon Temple?
  • Meditation

  • Creative Visualisation

  • Intention setting

  • Ceremony & ritual

  • Divination - Oracle Cards, Flower Reading, Crystals & more

  • Creativity

  • Movement & Dance, Sound & Song

  • And so much more, each circle unique to the theme & energy the moon holds.

7pm - 9pm

Please arrive 6.45pm for a 7pm start. 

Wyld Moon Temple
Facilitator ⎜ Larissa O'Neill 

Energy Exchange $30 each evening prepaid or $35 cash on the night


Please bring along your journal, a wrap, shawl or blanket, water bottle,

a low to the ground chair, cushion,  yoga chair if needed, to keep yourself comfortable.  

Armadale | The Organic Circle
Pioneer Village ,7 Albany Hwy Armadale

Wednesday  Evening 7-9pm
2020 dates released very soon

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