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with Priestess of the Rose | TRACY MCFIE

Kundalini Dance
Kundalini Dance Tracy McFie

Unleash the power within as you embark on a transformative journey through this profound alchemical Kundalini Dance practice

This unique and exhilarating practice blends dynamic movement, rhythmic music, and spiritual awakening to ignite a fire within you like never before.

Step onto the dance floor and feel the energy surge through your body as Kundalini Dance awakens your dormant potential. With each graceful sway and passionate rhythm, you'll unlock the hidden depths of your soul, releasing stress, tension, and negative energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Tracy McFie Kundalini Dance Priestess will guide you through this meditative dance experience, tapping into the chakras and unlocking the flow of life force energy.

Discover a renewed sense of self-awareness and inner peace as you connect with the universal rhythm, allowing creativity and joy to flow effortlessly.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete novice, Kundalini Dance welcomes everyone on this soul-stirring adventure. Embrace the freedom of movement and explore the boundless possibilities that lie within you.

Are you ready to awaken your spirit and dance your way to a more vibrant, balanced, and harmonious life?


Join us for a Kundalini Dance session and experience the magic for yourself! Let the dance of your soul begin today!

with the Divine

lilith serpent

The Kundalini Dance is a profound practice that can take you into some really deep transpersonal and multidimensional spaces.

It has the potential for deep cellular upgrades & to transform any ancestral or karmic beliefs that hold you back from shining as an embodied feminine powerhouse.





"Kundalini Dance absolutely rocked my world! It's a soul exploration with all the vibes. I feel open, rejuvenated and connected  Highly recommend!"



"Pure bliss! I dance my hurt, my pain, my passion. My awakening has been rough and this practice helps me express all that I am.

Trace is a compassionate  dynamic facilitator "



"I never thought dance could be so profound. Kundalini Dance is a game-changer!

My mind is clearer, my spirit lifted. I am so grateful for this experience!

Bring on the Bali intensive.


Practices for ecstatic Awakening

Engaging in this practice requires a profound yearning for spiritual connection and personal transformation. If you possess that longing for freedom, the keys shared through Kundalini Dance will yield life-changing results.

Kundalini Dance serves as a direct channel to the energy flows of creation. As the dance awakens Kundalini Shakti within, she moves tenderly and sensually through your body and soul, guiding you back to your authentic and vulnerable self.

Like an ecstatic river of light, she brings pure, fluid joy from your core, cleansing emotional blockages and urging you to embrace the reality of the present moment.

Allow the holy fire within to inspire you, as you experience the blissful union of body, mind, and soul.

Embrace the power of radical acceptance and self-love as you immerse yourself in this transformative journey of Kundalini Dance.


lilith serpent

Bali 9 day Immersion

Kundalini Dance

20 - 28th September 2024

Tap into the pure energy flow of creation as you realign, heal & integrate through this powerful ecstatic embodiment medium. Kundalini Dance is a profound alchemical practice​ that inspires you to deepen into your full potent potential.

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