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Tarot Readings Tracy McFie
Tarot Readings Tracy McFie
Tarot Readings Tracy McFie

Tarot with Tracy McFie

TAROT | A conversation with your higher self

Festival Readings


Due to my experience,

I tend to book completely out at festivals, so I've opened an online system for you.


If the tarot is calling you book here NOW to secure your reading with me.

Trace xXx

I have always been able to see beyond the veil, talk to 'spirit' if you will. The liminal spaces, where the intangible can be felt in every way, yet not always heard with clarity. 

The Tarot is a powerful tool to be guided by, to help decipher the signs from the spirit realm & higher self when one has questions that need some enlightenment.


Tarot has been dealt by witches & way-showers, gypsies & seers, and now the urban priestess & the empowered woman.


I have laid cards upon the table for many moons, trusted in their guidance & direction as they call me home to yet another layer of my self-mastery.

And so I wish to be in service to YOU to offer clarity from your 'higher self' as you pivot towards the next

evolution of your soul ...


My insights are not just from books & go well beyond the surface value of the cards, they are a medium, a tool where the life force of the card is felt and tells a story.

This is part of my legacy, my lineage as a matriarchal tarot reader, carried forth from my Grandmothers line.


Through The Priestess, The Hermit, suits & swords, the court cards, and the potent & powerful major arcana..

TAROT can be an incredibly helpful tool as you step into or out of one of the wondrous phases of your life.

Trace Tarot




Tracy McFie | Tarot

Tarot is a POWERFUL tool for divination.

Mysterious, unexplainable yet accurate nevertheless.


The cards have a life of their own as they act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the lived experience.

They help us to receive messages from the 'higher' self to aid us in this journey of life.

Tarot Readings


Book Tarot

Book a Reading

use the booking form to claim your spot & pay for your reading.

I will be in contact with you via email with your time.

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