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We are in a phenomenal moment in time, WE are IN history!  This is a great transition of our evolutionary shift for humanity.  It has been spoken of throughout time by many indigenous cultures, people & of course, it has been told in the stars.  

Astrology is a synchronistic connection between  YOU & the UNIVERSE.   What is unfolding in our lives, is read within the Cosmos.  What is seen within the stars, is unfolding within our world.  What is felt within the depths of our soul, was also foretold when you took your first breath upon this earth, your moment of birth.  This is a constant dance & energetic pulse between the cosmos above & our human selves below.  As Above, So Below, As Within, So without. 

These Intuitive Cosmic Insights are the gateway to the STARS, a decoding of sorts. 
Guided by your very own personalised Astrology chart, we can glean your gifts & self-mastery.  We can also see what lessons or challenges your soul has chosen in this lifetime to work through.  This is not a punishment or karma from previous lifetimes, but an opportunity for your soul's growth over many lifetimes.  
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I am Larissa, Cosmic Woman, She of the Stars.  The Cosmos has always spoken very clearly to me. A language of the Stars above has been held deep within me for as long as I can remember. 


Astrology is in direct connection to your soul contract & articulated by the language of the soul. I love bringing all of these aspects together with you to create a 'soul map' unique to you. 

You are so much more than your
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I am offering you my intuitive insights as I interpret your own personalised Natal Chart.  This is a map of the Stars at the moment of your birth.  If you were to look up at the stars, the moment you were born, how do they sit in the sky.  And I can offer you an understanding of what these qualities are & how they play out in your world.  The intuitive reading itself focuses on your internal landscape, your soul blueprint & what you have chosen in this lifetime.

These readings are about 2hours'ish, sometimes more.

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This will be indepth insight of many qualities of you as a soul & your energy that was infused with Mother Earth the moment you took your first breath.  We will journey through all the various 'stages' of life & explore what this means for you.  The style in which I read is an open conversation.  The planets & cosmic energy is an imprint & how we navigate that is unique, to we hone into area's in which resonate with you.

This is why conversation & exploration is essential.  

This is delivered in person. We can dive in together, ask questions & gain clarity, you will also receive your personalised Natal Chart . 

Soul Blueprint Reading $250

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Soulfire Astro Readings

Soulfire Astro Readings, Impromptu, in the moment readings.  
Not sure what's going on with your moon? 

Woke up with your world spinning on a crazy axis?

Simply intrigued & want to check it out?  

I will intuit what is happening in the stars & offer insight as we unravel where things might be playing out for you in the moment.  


Soulfire 30 minute reading $75

Soulfire 60 minute reading $150

* Birth date, location & time required.


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