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Let me help YOU lead an inspired life ..


Personal Menorting

Thank you Beloved for taking the first step and reaching out.

Welcome to my transformative private sessions, where together, we'll create a sacred space to empower you on your journey of spiritual, emotional, physical,

and mental growth & EVolution.

As your guide, I bring a wealth of expertise as a Holistic Counsellor, Ceremonialist, Kundalini Dance Priestess, Shamanic Healer,

Womb Awakener, and Sound Alchemist.

In these deeply enriching sessions, I openly share all my tools for personal transformation, walking alongside you as a trusted Sista.

Let's explore the depths of your being and unlock the potential that resides within, allowing you to embrace profound change and find the path to a more

empowered and fulfilled life.

Unlock your fullest potential through the transformative guidance of personal mentorship with Tracy McFie.


With a wealth of experience and a passion for helping individuals thrive, Tracy is your dedicated mentor on the journey towards self fulfilment, personal healing & conscious awakening. Through personalised one-on-one mentorship, Tracy will delve into your goals, challenges, and aspirations, providing deep insights, actionable strategies, and unwavering support.

Tracy's life experience & history of igniting positive change in countless lives speaks volumes about her commitment to your growth. Her empathetic approach as a medicine woman, combined with her exceptional expertise, creates a dynamic mentoring experience that empowers you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and manifest your dreams.

Whether you're striving for professional excellence, seeking personal transformation, or navigating pivotal life transitions, Tracy McFie's guidance is your key to unlocking a brighter future. Elevate your life's journey and embrace the power of spiritual growth & evolution.

The Invitation


Tracy McFie, Personalised Mentoring & Life Coaching

YOUR life at your FULLEST potential

Tracy McFie, Personalised Mentoring & Life Coaching
Tracy McFie, Personalised Mentoring & Life Coaching
Tracy McFie, Personalised Mentoring & Life Coaching

Personal Responsibility

"The journey of spiritual awakening is a profound odyssey that illuminates the depths of our being, unveiling a higher understanding of existence and our interconnectedness with the universe.


Yet, within this awakening lies a transformative truth: personal responsibility.


As we expand our consciousness and embrace the divine truths within, we come to recognise that our thoughts, choices, and actions hold an incredible power to shape our reality and impact the world around us. This newfound awareness empowers us to take ownership of our lives, to be the architects of our destinies, and to contribute positively to the collective tapestry of existence.


Spiritual awakening beckons us to rise to the challenge of responsibility, guiding us to nurture compassion, cultivate mindfulness, and enact change from a place of profound authenticity.


In the fusion of spiritual awakening and personal responsibility, we discover the remarkable potential to create a harmonious and enlightened existence for ourselves and all of humanity"


Tracy McFie

Tracy McFie, Personalised Mentoring & Life Coaching
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I am currently on Soul Journey's in the United Kingdom & on my return we will open for bookings once more.

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