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I spend a lot of time on social media - I don’t mean to, but it’s sort of a part of our lives these days.  I almost don’t remember a time without social media - I recall sitting at a cafe or pub by myself in the early 2000s without social media and surviving, mainly by...


I’m one of those people who are really bad at choosing friends…I can count on one hand the number of genuine friendships I’ve had in my life.  The rest have come and gone, and a lot have hurt the hell out of me.

Every broken friendship hurts almost as much as a broken r...


This week saw another amazing week with some beautiful women...Ive never opened up to a group of women as much as this Sistahood Circle.

I actually feel I can speak without judgement, and I think the others feel the same way.  A lot of the time I feel my friends hear me...


And then suddenly - I found my tribe.  What an amazing week for a ‘muggle’, someone who didn’t even realise she had a spiritual side.

After the second week of Circle where I was feeling pretty connected to the group and gave my first flower reading a go - with medium su...


I never really thought of myself as a queen, I’ve known a lot of them as a former actor and performer - but they were queens in the drag queen sense!

So when Trace sat me down, suggested me it was time to find a babysitter and attend an entire series of Sistahood Circle...


The other day I read a blog post about villages for mothers and how there is none, and it made my heart ache a bit.  

We as a western society appear to have lost the ability to be a village, mothers are really alone with new babies and children, they are expected to be...


I used to wonder why people would stay away from me, or why when out men would go near my friends and stay away from me.

I always gave myself an 8 out of 10 in looks (haha I know super modest) but for some reason, the guys stayed away and I would often struggle to get s...


After spending the last 2 years of my 14 year relationship and marriage feeling very lonely and unloved, what was the first thing I did when I separated from my now ex husband?

You guessed it, I signed up for Tinder and started swiping.  Mainly to the left (that means i...


So the first thing I wondered when I started working with Wyld Tribe, was - what is a Sistahood Circle?  

And of course, it’s easy to go to Hollywood and think of movies like The Craft and imagine girls sitting around chanting with their black eyeliner and knee high soc...


Are you a woman that wants to feel empowered? Find out more about how we work with women, for women to find out who they are or who they want to be. Wyld Tribe.

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