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✨ URANUS is on the move!

Are you feeling that internal shuddering? The unease within? Is the pebble dropping?

Uranus is stationed direct in Taurus.

As I spoke of a couple of days ago... 'Uranus stationing to move direct... BIG shuddering energy, turning a tanker ship around in choppy waters, surrounded by those bells & whistles Cruise Ships that don't want you to create waves... yep that kinda feels.'

Uranus is the Rebellious One, the Game Changer, He shakes things up so we can no longer ignore what's at play. And he plays the game by his own rules, so expect the unexpected.

This energy following the past week, with the focus on the Sun & Pluto, then the current full moon release, makes for that internal & often external shuddering feeling. Of being unsettled, rattled, WTF's & things coming from left of field. Uranus is in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign who loves the simple pleasures in life, the hands-on, hands-on, reality, solid grounded foundation... Uranus doesn't play that way. He's all about innovation, frequency, maverick, mercurial, quantum & rebellious.

Uranus orbit is against the grain, so you might feel discombobulated, vertigo, and disorientated.

⚡️ Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

⚡️ Be open to realisations & aha's that have been there all along, but you didn't have the eyes to see.

⚡️ Sudden shifts & sliding door moments at play.

Those with planets in Taurus, 19º-24º, or Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius will feel this even more so.

💎 Stay grounded.

💎 Move your body.

💎 Get to the Ocean.

💎 Shake out, shake off the energy.

And Why? you might ask.

Uranus energy in his highest expression in LIBERATION.

And this massive energy pulse is here to push us outside of our comfort zones, our known spheres of influence, off-kilter to look at our internal recalibration systems & what our default modes are. As There's a good chance they are not working for us anymore. Since 2020 most have been in fight, flight, freeze or fawn... or WFT. Our sympathetic nervous system is engaged & cortisol levels are high.

'Normal' is an expression that we will save for a nostalgic retelling of our past. The 'We' were not born in this time of humanity to fit into the 'Normal' expectations of life.

This is the moment in our lives when we flip the game board, share the cheat codes & level up.

Saturn, Uranus & Pluto, can all be considered the 'bad guys', but they are merely the shadow players, that are offering us the opportunity to jump into this slipstream of energy.

🔥 IT IS TIME, sacred responsibility for who you are.

🔥 WAKE UP, be the Maverick you were born to be.

🔥 EMBODY YOUR SHADOWS, acknowledge, heal, and integrate into wholeness.

The Cosmos is here for us, not against us, it is us.

So cosmic souls, let go & hang on for the ride!

✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings

Larissa xXx

Saturn on a background


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