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Larissa O'Neill is the Co-Creatrix of the powerhouse team that is Wyld Tribe, a women's movement dedicated to sacred reVolution,  ethical consciousness and personal empowered responsibility.

Larissa, Cosmic Woman, Wyld Woman & Curious Woman. She is a deep soul, who sees & feels humanity, the nuances of life & the gossamer threads of connection.  

The Stars, the Moon & the Universe have been a living practice this lifetime & beyond.  Astrology is an embodied practice, a way of perceiving the world within & the lens of perception in the world around us.

Her soul's path in this lifetime is to create liberation through empowerment & in service to the collective & humanity. She opens herself as a sacred vessel, for the divine stories, wisdom & language of the stars that flow through her, filling her cup, overflowing in service to you.

Being here in this moment, the great turning point, the awakening of humanity, is so incredibly humbling & exciting. She believes that every single one of us has a role to play in the creation of our world. As she offers her self-mastery to the collective, She holds space for you to embody yours. 

Through lived experience, Larissa has learnt resilience, grace & humbleness, in all that she is.  She have a deep need to understand the subconscious self & that of humanity.  She is intrigued & forever the student in psychological awareness of people & of herself.  She has the innate ability to see beyond the here & now, for she is a witness to soul lives, that which lays beyond the linear timeframe of one single existence.  Through Past lives & Soul Contracts, she finds rabbit holes & cosmic portals, in which to explore & quench her soul's thirst. 

Larissa's soul blueprint has taken her on a journey of discovery, remembrance & reclaiming soul shards through time & the depths of her being. Larissa's voluminous capacity is held with humble graciousness, courage, vulnerability & in her absolute faith & belief in Universal Lore & Cosmic Consciousness.


As her Soul Story is ever unravelling & rebirthing, She RISES to meet her soul self in full-bodied expansiveness, and creative expression through the liberation of her evolution.

Wyld Blessings 





Some of my Training & Qualifications Include: 

> Astrology | Life long & ongoing

> Crystal Dreaming™️ Facilitator
> SoulLife Coaching™️ Facilitator

> SoulLife Regression™️ Facilitator

> Zen Matrix™️ Alignment Master
> Red Tent Facilitator

> Visual & Creative Arts Degree

> Graphic Design
> Event Management


> IICT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists

WT21 Rebrand banner 3.png

I am a Wyld Woman, an Artisan, a Weaver of Sacred Circles, a Sacred Vessel for Women's Wisdom.

I weave through the veils of time, into past lives & in between,  I am a dreamer, an inspirer & a possibilitarian, a Mumma of the Earth, the Oceans & the Stars.

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