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I'm Larissa & I'm a Cosmic Woman, Wyld Woman, Priestess Keeper of the Temples. I'm a woman who feels the language of the stars deep in my bones. I'm a possibilitarion & light holder, a midwife for the Soul, a Creatress bringing the liminal into the tangible.  

This is a heartbeat in my becoming...


"As I return to heart, hearth & home, reflection over that year that was 2020 & the unravelling of my being.

2020, I always knew it was going to be a big year... but fuck me, she was intense, deep & to my core.

This was a year that I drew the Tower Card from my deck & true to word, the strike was direct & saw me drop to my knees, to lay my heart bare in a deep unravelling of self. And like the Phoenix, I understood my process.

Structures and foundations were shaken & shifted, broken down & pulled apart, not only for me but for humanity. And it was BIG, but with Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto's imprint, it was destined to be so. And in the face of uncertainty, I looked at my self & journeyed within.

This was the year that I was witness too & also took the hits from trauma, wounding & downright nastiness. It was the year that I was outcast, stepped over, thrown away & disregarded on a number of occasions, as well as public slander to top it off. My self-worth was challenged in every way, yet again I turned within & witnessed my authentic self, hold strong with grace & understood my own value, even if others do not.

This was the year when my outdated patterns & conditioning became known to me on a very visceral level. Where my inner child reached out, I took her hand & held her tenderly, tears fell for both of us & forgiveness was found.

This was a year that ground beneath me fell away & I was freefalling through every wound, should & fear that I had held onto. Where I held on with dear life... until I could no more & the bravest thing I could do was let go. So I did.

This was the year, that I closed ranks & those that I love dearly held me when I could not do it alone, they did so & held the light to find my way. Those that love me fiercely had the tough conversations, that I didn't want to have, but did so because they 'saw me' & wouldn't let my small self in the driver's seat of my life.

This was the year that I learnt, let go, fell hard, broke open, shattered, unravelled & took one hell of a deep breath.

This was the year that my soul stepped up & I trusted in my soul's blueprint. I am trusting in my inner authority & guided by my inner compass & the stars above & within.

This was the year that I am so very grateful for EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, as raw & real as it was, as this has brought me to this moment, where I am the woman that I am. Through all of this, I trusted, in self & my soul's path. I trust that as the Tower settles, I take the leap of the Fool's Card, into the unknown, knowing that as I take my next step the ground will rise up to meet me & where there is no foundation, I will create one with every step I take.

2021 I will enter with courage & vulnerability, resilience & rawness as I was born for this time & with grace & fortitude I will consciously leap into the unknown.

*Deep breath... I am ready."

And in my becoming, I offer in service to humanity...

My soul's path in this lifetime is to create liberation through empowerment & in service to the collective & humanity. I open myself as a sacred vessel, for the divine stories, wisdom & language of the stars that flow through me, fills my cup & overflows in service to you.

Being here in this moment, the great turning point, the awakening of humanity, is so incredibly humbling & exciting. I believe that every single one of us has a role to play in the creation of our world. As I offer my self-mastery to the collective, I hold space for you to embody yours. 

Through lived experience, I have learnt resilience, grace & humbleness, in all that I am.  I have a deep need to understand the subconscious self & that of humanity.  I'm intrigued & forever the student in psychological awareness of people & of myself.  I have the innate ability to see beyond the here & now, for me I am witness to soul lives, that which lays beyond the linear timeframe of one single existence.  Through Past lives & Soul Contracts, I find my rabbit holes, the cosmic portals, in which to jump down & dig through.  


As my Soul Story is ever unravelling & rebirthing, I RISE to the expansiveness & creative inspiration of my next weaving of this lifetime. 

Wyld Blessings 





Some of my Training & Qualifications Include: 

> Astrology | Life long & ongoing

> Crystal Dreaming™️ Facilitator
> SoulLife Coaching™️ Facilitator

> SoulLife Regression™️ Facilitator

> Zen Matrix Alignment Master
> Red Tent Facilitator

> Visual Arts Degree
> Event Management


> IICT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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I am a Wyld Woman, an Artisan, a Weaver of Sacred Circles, a Sacred Vessel for Women's Wisdom.

I weave through the veils of time, into past lives & in between,  I am a dreamer, an inspirer & a possibilitarian, a Mumma of the Earth, the Oceans & the Stars.

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