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Tracy McFie

Tracy McFie

Dear Beloveds, 

I am Wyld Woman, Loyal Sista, Fierce Mumma, Genuine Friend .. and a DEVOTED grandmother!

YES I AM NannyMcFie to two beautiful grandbabies!!

I have endured heartbreak, terrible betrayal, loss and divine ecstasy & happiness.

I have laid on the bathroom floor at the edge of darkness and I have risen from

the ashes vibrant, resilient and hungry for life!!

My experiences have shaped me, I am not a victim but a Warrioress!

and I RISE in triumphant tribute to the healing woman.

I married my teenage love, traveled Australia as young adventurers & created a family together, two son's & a daughter.

I have lost a child, I was a FIFO wife then my marriage suddenly broke

as did my heart ..


I've parented solo most of my life, then a single mum who was so very broken abandoned and struggling with two teenage children alone. 

I've looked down the back of the couch for coins to feed my babies & worked tirelessly doing whatever it took to keep my family safe.

This has SHAPED me, carved me into the woman I now am, and I shall continue to evolve and to grow! 

I am active in healing my wounds & working from a place of loving kindness and so when I say 'I hear you Sista' I TRULY DO, whilst I have not experienced YOUR pain I have well known my own deep devastation.

Thus, I have stepped up in Circular Leadership as a wayshower, conscious liberator, magick maker and loving woman of the new era.

I am here to break down the walls & perceived differences that divide us and build up the humanity & love that unites us. I am here to MODEL compassion & forgiveness and to that effect my old love & I are now friends once more which has deeply healed my Heart. I am living testament to the power of love.

I am in service to Feminine Rising & the Awakening Woman as we move to conscious commUNITY for both Sista's and brothers alike. 

I've been part of many circles, festivals & weavings these past 25 years and my work as a space holder is to create safe containers for women to share, express, expand and grow your Wyld and Divine Soul.

This is MY soul calling! I am living ON PURPOSE.

I am in service to YOU Dear-Heart!! Sista, W O M A N ..

For when we women celebrate one another something magickal happens ..

LOVE & SISTAHOOD happens!! HEALING & happiness happens.

May you be inspired to join us in Sacred ReVolution .. Together we can change the world for us all!!

Much love & Wyld Blessings 

Trace xXx


We all have a 

Story ..

This is my why ..

to be the VOICE of Sacred ReVolution,

The light for the awakening woman, The model of GENUINE change.

& the beacon of light for those in need.

For my FAMILY, my sista's



Tracy McFie is the sheer embodiment of Sacred ReVolution, Sistahood Rising & a vivacious blend of the Modern day Mystic and Soulful Feminine Liberator. She IS walking her purpose & offering her`Work in the World’ with integrity & passion.


Trace is a skilled Practitioner, Teacher and Founding Creatrix of Wyld Tribe Australia. 


With a background in Social Work & Sociology & inspired by Women’s Sacred Work, Philosophy, Ancestral Healing & Ceremonies of Celebration, she weaves her life experiences, expansive spiritual studies, love of travel & many teaching modalities to deliver open-hearted, life-changing Women’s Circles, Soul-Journeys, Festivals, International Travel Retreats and Personal Practices that will inspire and ignite your soul.`All who know her feel her loving presence. She leaves you feeling heard, nurtured & excited for life’ – Shaun Vandenburg

Tracy is an accomplished leader with over 25 years working within the spiritual landscape.

A dynamic personality, Song Weaver, Storyteller & Ritual Creatrix, she has the very essence of magick in her bones! A kind & loving teaching style and a view to`inspire’ SELF healing, mastery & deep connection with the healer & soul essence within. Trace strives to lead from her Lived Experiences, model Circular-Leadership and Celebration of Self, Woman & Tribe.


“I truly believe in the Sacredness of all life’s experiences & the ever evolving pathway to conscious commUNITY. To take a look at what informs our reality, consider, heal & re-create, to dive deeper into our ALLNESS so we might express our light into CHANGING our world” – Trace ☾


Tracy is passionate about Sacred ReVolution, bringing people together to truly take ownership of their lives, of our impact on the planet and to become the empowered creators of the new earth; centred in heart, joy, passion and loving kindness. 


Her potent, rich and beautiful offerings in the world help support the Awakening Soul with deep transformation, healing, integration and fully embracing all of Self, Soul & Spirit to show up in the world with Passion & Purpose.


Tracy has been training in the intuitive arts most of her life & more formally since 1996, 


Some of her Trainings & Qualifications Include: 

> Certified Fitness Professional with over 20 years experience

> Yoga Teacher

> Meditation & Holistic Life Coach IMTTA

> Shamanic Healing Practitioner

> Crystal Dreaming™️ Facilitator

> Elemental Magick 

> Reiki 2

> Chakradance™️ 

Studied Social Work, Politics & Sociology at both James Cook University in Cairns QLD & Curtin University WA.


> IICT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists

> IMTTA - The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association


Compassion : DIVINE FEMININE : Wyld Woman : Magick : Sistahood : Elements : Soverignity : LOVE : Circle : Expression : Howl : Moon : Star Seed : Earth Dust 

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