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⚡️ Surrealism, Shocks & Shakeups... Aquarius New Moon, The Revolution begins! ⚡️

There is no going back, this is what we came here for!

The Cosmic Realms are electric right now! Can you feel it? In the Air, in conversations, realisations & even at your fingertips!

Aquarius New Moon energy is peaking... yep it's a dark moon, all moody, broody, friction and as the lightning strikes, the air is electrified & the intensity of the light is fierce. Lighting up the shadows, the skies & all that we are ready to see. This is the ... I want to say New Era, but that feels a little overused & under done in this context... unaccustomed... untrodden...unconventional... new-fangled, even the thesaurus isn't cutting it with the magnitude of language I'm looking for here...neoteric...SURRELISTIC is the closest word I could find to describe what I'm trying to express.

Where everything is familiar, the same & yet not. The cracks are beginning to show, the edges are getting fuzzy & our known is starting to melt & warp... and where we have glimmers of possibility, where threads of coherence are blowing in the ether just waiting for us to reach out & tune in.

Pluto, our Player Hades, is still at the doorway of Aquarius, flicking on the light to see what happened to the place since he was here last...248 years ago, in 1777, where we saw the beginning of Uprisings, throughout the world, the French and American Revolution, uprising in cultures oppressed & enslaved, such as Haiti & South American tribes against colonial rule.

The echoes of history are being heard once more.

248 years later...

The uprising of the Farmers in Europe & now being backed by the rail & road industry is getting louder & spreading far.

The Americans, also in the countries Pluto return, the cracks of society are well and truly being seen & the 'Salvador Dali' like the melting of society is at play.

Maori tribes throughout New Zealand & now around the world, are standing strong & being joined by Polynesian cultures in their stance around colonisation & the distortion of the structure of which the society has been built, now being eroded... look behind the scenes, at the land grab happening out from underneath the people... just saying. When something screaming loudly... look at the whispers, handshakes, rewriting & deals being done.

And thats just a few snippets, very little of which I believe is hitting mainstream media.

Back to Pluto, he's flicked on the lights, he's invited a few of his close mates over, to catch up on all the Tea.

First MERCURY has come to the party, and the conversations have been deep & juicy of late. Laying it all out on the table & delving into the tough conversations & bringing to the surface all the good stuff, festy bits & the 'I don't know what to do with that' things we have been told not to discuss, politics, religion, family issues & secrets, patriarchal systems, generational trauma perpetuated by systems to keep people suppressed.

Anyone else?

Mars is just getting out of his car & will bring feisty intensity & to the party & he's fast, direct & purposeful

And Venus has just pulled into the driveway, with her bag of party tricks & cash.

Pluto has never been the subtle kinda guy.

Meanwhile, Uranus, whose house Pluto is in, & Jupiter, aka Zeus, are rumbling away in Taurus & shaking things up because they want to play too! But Taurus is all usually in bed by 9 pm, with snacks watching Netflix! Not the kind of party vibe Uranus & Jupiter are up for.

The Sun & Moon, aka Mum & Dad, have eyes on them because they have a job to do while they are at Taurus's house & it's going to be big. They are the game changers, the renegades, mavericks & rebels & they are to send electric shock waves across the earth, to jump-start people out of the 'dream of reality'.

The New Moon in Aquarius is also tuning into Chiron's frequency & aligning 'Self' with a capital S, with our destiny.

It is the individual Self, in coherence with their soul spark, that will tune into the frequency of concepts, genius sparks & innovations that this SURRELISTIC Era, of Aquarius, will herald in community, humanity & the generation that will be born over the next 20 years. The Pluto in Aquarius generation.

Slipping through the timelines,

In the 1770s the time has been said to be the "Birth of Modernity", where innovations & concepts such as flight via hot air balloons & parachutes came about, and submarines & bicycles were invented. The print press became how information was shared. A broader understanding of the solar system & beyond was explored. And Women, in our current evolution, began to expand into commerce & business.

Amongst so many other innovations & often scandalous moments in time.

So what does this next era of Aquarian energy offer the collective?

Aquarius is the realm of conscious creation, of big visioning & coherence. We are beginning to align our individual coherence with this frequency, some a little more fine-tuned than others, and part of this lesson is understanding this is that it's not a hierarchal system here, as when you dial into the frequency, your resonance invites those around you to hear the harmonics of possibility.

This frequency shakes up the harmonics of those around you, this is not always an easy or comfortable process, think chaos theory.

Aquarius is an Air sign, mercurial & high frequency in energy, surging with electricity. It is futuristic, surreal & will be fast-moving, from a foundational level. Pluto is here to herald the next wave of Revolutionary Uprising, by the people, FOR the People. Uranus is here to Liberate, he's the game changer, for future generations.

We also welcome in the Chinese New Year & the Year of the Wood Dragon, this is not a thread of astrology I follow, however, reverence & respect is due.

Dragons are the Wisdom Keepers & the sacred medicine of the wise ones & the Dragon Fae, is powerful.

⚡️ Continue to 'Get comfortable with the uncomfortable', and recalibrate your frequency to dramatic shifts in energy.

⚡️ Expect the unexpected. This is Uranus's tagline & he's here to play for a long while yet.

⚡️ The juicy, deep, BIG conversations, really consider the fullness of what is being expressed & the tea being spilt.

⚡️ Our frequency intensifies, electric shocks do happen, internally & externally.

⚡️ Be present, you are here to experience being human. Don't bypass, 'ascend', or tap out, be here for the good stuff, your legacy needs you to show up now.

💎 Drink water, as pure, aligned, live & energised as you can. (Don't get greenwashed) There is some incredible scientific research about the power of water & our ability to influence the fractal change of it.

💎 When things become Surreal, witness the melting, distortion & artistry of the world at play.

💎 Dial into your frequency daily & begin/continue to tune in & align with the energy nuances.

🌑 New Moon in Aquarius 10th Feb, 7am WST

The Cosmos is here for us, not against us, it is us.

So cosmic souls, let go & hang on for the ride!

✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings

Larissa xXx

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