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Cancer New Moon & your Inner Sanctuary

✨ Stillness... nothing but crisp winter air, the heartbeat & the breath.

✨ Slowly, purposely & consciously.

✨ Cancer New Moon welcomes you home to the sanctuary of your being.

Being present, fully present under this dark moon is what is being asked of us. To experience the full exhalation of your breath in the crisp air, to feel the cold earth under your feet & that exhilaration as the coldness hits your skin. To be present to the quietness of the season, moving through your body, & into all the nooks & crannies of your being.

✨ What residual energy, misaligned frequencies, are residing within?

✨ What is it that needs to be released, the unravelled & completed?

The invitation is to Nest within, to do a bit of a clean & tidy up of the Sacred Temple that is you. To prepare your sanctuary, to tend to your heart fire, as this will be your place of solace & the soft place to land as the world dissolves around you.

You can activate the breath to anchor in & keep your inner world clear. Breathe in for a count of 6, the number for nourishment, nurturing & loving breath. Hold for a count of 2, duality, the masculine & feminine. Then an 8-count exhalation, bringing in the infinity symbols, bringing together the spiritual & the material realms. Then the 2 count hold of duality.

The Transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, are highly active during this New Moon. They may be hidden from sight, but they are busy behind the scenes getting the job done. They are all about the Inner work, the shadow work, as this is where soul growth happens.

Pluto, the Alchemist, on his last check-in with Capricorn, the structure & foundations of our beliefs, are they supporting our evolution or are they keeping us caged, contained or disempowered?

He's having a good old chat with Uranus, who's still rumbling & shuddering his way through Taurus, the material world, our values, soul currency & self-worth. Uranus your higher octave of communication, think frequency, that innate body wisdom when something just doesn't feel right or the vibe is just off. He's a game changer, rebellious one, but it's one hell of a ride along the way.

And between these two power players in Neptune. And he is as potent as they get right now. he's at the very last moment of the Zodiac Cycle. He has spent the last 165'ish years doing his thing around the sun, he is almost at the finish line, the beginning is in sight... and then retrograde happens... so he takes a back step. Neptune is dissolving the edges of our known realms, in the inner world & the world around. He's about UNLearning & Unbecoming, all that we thought we were.

Who are you when you take off the hats of Identity, Expectation, Obligation, Shoulds & Trauma?

✨ UNLEARNING All you thought you were.

✨ UNBECOMING All you thought you were.

When we return to the Sanctuary of self, the nest of nourishment, stripped bare, raw & a bit wobbly on the feet, this is your sanctuary from the world. This is your place to deeply exhale in the stillness & be present, to envision what happens next. What are your truest desires? What frequency are you vibrating at?

In the Outerworld, The World Axis point from which our world spins is wobbling. The veils around the structures of society are thinning & beginning to be seen for what they are.

As these big outer planets get ready for 2025 & 2026 when there will be monumental planetary shifts, everyone moves house & the dissolution of the world as we know it continues. Your invitation is to begin to fine-tune the instrument that is you, to dial up your frequency & activate or amplify your intuitive intelligence & wisdom.

And let's bring Saturn into the mix, as he's retrograde & checking in with the new moon, asking what needs to be done. Sacred Responsibility for who you are, the frequency & music you emit into the world.

Tune into the frequency of the emotional Cancer New Moon, which has amplified, experiential-styled integrative new moon kinda vibes going on. This new moon alignment is vibing ear-piercingly high, with the Sirius Star system, bringing in the wisdom of these benevolent star beings. With profoundly attuned Intuitive intelligence & innovative technological knowledge, this light frequency is here to support our evolution.

In our deep knowing, we have chosen to have the Human experience here on Earth, and we must remain grounded, activated & awakened. There is a lot of Social media Insta worthy wankery talk of ascension during these Sirian activations, but it's not about going off planet, it's about anchoring into the human form, your Temple Body, YOU.

Remaining in the Sanctuary of your being is essential, to tend to & keep the channel clear, for these high-frequency energies to move through us, this is our Sacred responsibility. In doing so, we are micro-tuning & programming the frequency & music of our unique selves.

The more we recalibrate, align & tune the instrument, our capacity expands & we drink in the liquid light of the new moon. We quench our thirst for conscious growth & our Intuitive Intelligence feels satiated.

✨ Bathe in the light of the Sun.

✨ Bathe in the light of the stars & if you know where Sirius sits in the sky.

✨ Bathe in the light of the Moon.

✨ Drink in the Frequency of the Water.

✨ Drink in the liquid light upon the Water.

This is the stillness before the great shift, our Outerworld is dissolving around us, and there is nothing to be fearful of. Witness. Be fully Present. Share your insights with those ready to listen.

As the UK goes into this new moon today with an election there may be a changing of the guards. The US elections, later in the year during eclipse season... can't make this shit up!

Fine-tuning the instrument that is you, tending to your Inner Sanctuary, raising your vibration, quenching your thirst & satiating your hunger with water & light. Begin to hear your soul song, as it moves through you.

You are an integral musician within the collective symphony of Humanity & many are fine-tuning & flexing our body's intuition in preparation for our collective becoming.

Cosmic Blessings

✨ Larissa xXx

Your invitation is to utilise the Breathe, as your gateway

  • 6 count in (nourishment, nurturing, loving breath)

  • 2 count hold (duality, masculine & feminine)

  • 8-count exhalation (infinity, bringing together the spiritual & the material)

  • 2 count hold (duality, masculine & feminine)


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