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New Moon in Gemini

This dark moon energy has me feeling like my mind has just hit the NOS button, the engine is surging & that massive G force propulsion energy has kicked in & I'm flying down the road at a million k's an hour with side quests, cheat codes & bonus points popping up everywhere!

When physically I'm still putting my seatbelt on & finding the right Spotify playlist, knowing I have to be somewhere just not sure where that is yet.

Gemini is the place to be right now!

The Gemini House party has begun & Jupiter has made his grand entrance, "You're Welcome" The Rock belting it out Maui style. He is here to stay for the next 12 months & he's letting everyone know.

Venus has been up close into the Heart of the Sun, as her next petal of the Venus Star point unfolds, in her 8-year cycle of the Rose.

Mercury the Jester is pulling out his party tricks to break up the intensity that has been the first half of the year!

🔥 Jupiter LOVES to be your 'Hype Guy'

🔥 Venus your Wing Woman

🔥 And Mercury the Kevin Hart of the Cosmos

And the Sun & the Moon... have turned the lights down low... *cue Barry White tunes.

It's time to get all up in the sexiness of the mind, intellectual mastery & juicy conversations.

Gemini has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, intrigue & curiosity.

Deep seduction of the mind... that's hot right? Who's with me on that one?

Jupiter, aka Zeus, aka Maui, aka The Rock... in Gemini amps up the franticness of this sign.

It's not just 'Gemini people', everyone has Gemini in their cosmic circuitry, depending on where that is for you is being amped up for the next 12 months.

Right now, globally, he's checking in with Pluto in Aquarius, about where his energy is needed. Jupiter is not just fun and games, where ever he is, that intensifies. His highest frequency is Justice & Freedom. And after hanging out with Uranus, the Rebellious Game Changer, in Taurus, Earthly realms, he is now power-charging the intellectual realms fueled by Justice & Freedom. So expect some fierce debates, protests & rallies, court cases, realisations & reveals, over the next year, that involve everyone the world over. Pluto commands transformation & Aquarius is humanity-focused.

Venus, your Wing Woman, is calling for you to hook up with your heart.

Over the past couple of months, the ferocity of solar flares bombarding our physical & energetic bodies has been fierce. Piercing through, transmuting & alchemising the layers & trauma that had calcified around our heart & the collective heart has been exhausting, but also absolutely needed.

Over the past few days, she has been to the Heart of the Sun, what's known as a Cazimi, and is now rebirthed in her next journey across the sky. Venus is asking us to be curious about the 'Stories we tell ourselves' when it comes to Self-love & Self Nourishment, and in the sign of Gemini get intrigued, get curious, go down the rabbit holes, take the side quest, find the cheat codes, so you can level up.

Venus is calling for your Heart to be a facet of your inner Authority. To no longer be dismissed, or told it's too emotional, or not rational.

🌹 It is up to us to take responsibility for the expansiveness of our intuitive body.

🌹 It is time when conscious relationships happen within, FIRST.

🌹 It is time for the Sacred Feminine (in both Men & Women) to take up space.

And then there is Mercury, played by Kevin Hart, he's trying to be taken seriously, is getting himself in a shit fight, but actually has something to say... Pluto has a mission for him too.

Opening big conversations, around deep divisional & often taboo topics, that impact many, in an open & accessible way to engage. Think 'Bear in the Woods', 'I'm not a feminist, I can actually cook', conversations that are going on through Social media.

Not everything has to be doom & gloom. Let's be honest, many of us are at an age when the best nights out can be a group of open-minded people, expansive eye-opening, intellectually stimulating conversation, filled with laughs & WTF's.

These kinds of conscious connections are what many are craving. Connections that...








Neptune is in the depths of visioning the potential of our future right now & waiting until it's his time to shine...

Everyone has a role to play in this cosmic house party, don't sit back & be the observer, jump in, hang on for the ride, choose the side quest & level up with the cheat codes.

Tonight under this New Moon in Gemini is the time to set intentions, vision BIG, think expansively & allow the mind to seduce the heart.

✨ Cosmic Blessings

✨ Larissa O'Neill

illustration of a black woman, intellectual, vibrant & serious


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