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Pisces New Moon | Let Go & Be Fully Submerged In This Experience

Where to start?

Which way is up?

Where are the edges?

Can I keep my head above the water line?

Can I take another breath?

Is this 'me' or is this the 'we'?

The depths of Pisces Moon & the discombobulation & dissolution of the Ego self.

Pisces, the realm of the subconscious, the depths where all experiences & lessons dwell. The final sign of the zodiac, where the experience of journeying through all of the other signs come together into oneness, with the good, the bad & the ugly. A culmination of the past year cycle is here for us, as beings of free will, to consciously unravel & glean the gifts of growth, insight & wisdom. For it is through lived experience that we awaken & become enlivened in who we are, who we are in our 'Becoming' & who the 'We' is.

But right here right now, it feels... ALL THE FEELS... feels like the sensation of being a free diver in the ocean, at the edge of the drop-off & beneath is the expansive abyss into the unknown & above we can catch a glimpse of the surface but are too deep to take a breath. Your heart is pounding, your blood is pumping, the silence is deafening, the pressure on your physical body is compounding, the emotional body is highly tuned to every nuance & is needing continuous regulation, and your mind is in hyperdrive with every possible thought, fear & reaction playing out simultaneously, fear is surfacing, exhaustion is setting in... the choice is to fight it with everything you have, all the tools, protections, default... or to LET GO & BE FULLY SUBMERGED IN THE EXPERIENCE.


Don't bypass, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.


You are here to be HUMAN, to live the human experience.

There is a reason you chose to be here in this moment. You may know what that is or have no idea, neither is better than or 'higher' than.

Pisces is an energy of intricate complexities, a place of deep introspection & reflection. This is the dissolution of the misaligned Ego & the growth through lived experiences.

If you are in a space of projection, deflection or escapism, either through yourself, directed towards you or around you, this is your opportunity to witness, acknowledge & recalibrate.

I refer to the Piscean energy & the 12th House as the Realm of the Mystic & the Madness. And it is a fine line between both, one deep breath away from one another & sometimes both at the same time.

There is an intense concentration of planetary energy at play in the skies above right now, in both Pisces & Aquarius, flanked by Pluto on one side & Uranus on the other... with Saturn & Neptune in the middle ... yep that has some serious OMPH!

This is an INITIATION as we move through this next gateway.

🔥 Equinox, the beginning of the Astro New Year

🔥 Lunar Eclipse 25th March LIBRA FULL MOON (visible Eastern Australia)

🔥 Solar eclipse 8th April ARIES NEW MOON

🔥 April is a POWER MONTH

Many will be telling you it's a new moon, time to set intentions, make wishes, plant seeds (Astrology is not a one-size-fits-all)... you can do that if you choose & if that's your thing, this energy signature is an opportunity to do it differently.

This is the final lunation of the Astrological New Year, the completion, integration & embodiment of the past cycle. New intentions, they come later.

Saturn in Pisces, Thou Shall Not Pass... unless you deal with your Shit... or you will carry that baggage into the next cycle!

When Saturn charges you to task, I recommend you take heed.

💎 In the SUBMERSION of SELF, in a space of reflection...

⚡️ What is your Default?

  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn?

  • Projection, Deflection or Escapism?

⚡️ What are the Narratives & Patterns you're operating under?

  • Are they still serving?

⚡️ Are you taking responsibility for your role in the situation?

  • Everyone plays a part in the narrative, what's yours?

  • How can I do it differently?

⚡️ Are the Tools in my Spiritual Tool kit still serving me?

  • Do I choose to let go of some?

  • Can I make space for new energy or tools to come in?

Pisces invites us to Cleanse & Clear, to Detox, Clear out the Dross, Release cords & attachments that are now complete, to outdated situations, stories, relationships & wounding, to who we once were. To make space... Exhale through all bodies, to LET GO & BE FULLY SUBMERGED IN THE EXPERIENCE.

We are at a point where we have to be fully present in witnessing our shadow self, the ego self, our wounding & our inner child, all amidst this Pisces realm, where the burring of boundaries & lines is taking place, under the influence of Pisces ruling planet, Neptune.

Where the intangible, illusion & delusion dance together & communication has been muddled, distorted & misaligned, words unspoken or spoken from ego or wounding. Mercury, our communication met up with Neptune this week, with mysticism & madness swirling & logic in the abyss of all that is, and at those depths, cognitive dissonance has been as play. ALL THE FEELS.

What was the default? Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn? Projection, Deflection or Escapism? Or did you choose to do it differently?

Remember Saturn is in the abyss with you, responsibility & accountability or the repercussions & cycles continue.

Mars, in Aquarius & Uranus, in Taurus square up to each other this week, bringing a seismic pulse akin to an underwater Tsunami to the cosmic Piscean ocean. Aquarius is frequency & quantum energy igniting the great shift into the collective expansion, Taurus is earth & solid, commanding structure & the known, retaining the status quo. Again ALL THE FEELS, LET GO & BE FULLY SUBMERGED IN THE EXPERIENCE.

If you are consciously choosing to grow & evolve, Projection, Deflection or Escapism is not an option. We must untether ourselves from this outdated paradigm.

The dissonance, cognitively, spiritually & emotionally is taking its toll. Individually & collectively, 2020 feels like lifetimes ago & yet we are still riding the frequency shift that this energy ignited in our human evolution.

We are tired.

Pisces, a water element, wants to rest & be sleepy, Aquarius, an air element is lightning fast & our intellect is in overdrive & Saturn is pushing us to take responsibility... this feels like we need a long nanny nap or a siesta because our sleep & dream state is intense, visceral or just non-existant.

This is your initiation & your celebration, even if it doesn't feel like it. On a Soul level, you choose to be here in this moment of conscious growth. If you're reading this, your cultivating your spiritual biosphere & actively utilising your spiritual tool kit.

This Super New Moon, consider honouring yourself & all that it's taken to be YOU. Take one hell of a deep breath as you farewell that which is not coming with you into the Astro New Year & FEEL ALL THE FEELS. You are not here to bypass or to shortcut.

In this final lunation of the year, BE FULLY PRESENT, WITNESS, ACKNOWLEDGE, RELEASE, TAKE ONE HELL OF A DEEP BREATH... YOU'VE GOT THIS. New Moon | Sunday 10th March 5pm AWST Remember, even at the depths, you are not alone. ✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings Larissa O'Neill

A women, submerged in the ocean
Pisces New Moon


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