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The Empress | Taurus New Moon 

🌿 That feeling you have, being on a roller coaster with intense bends, flips & jarring turns, of the 'last' thrill where you felt like you left your body behind & had no grasp on ANYTHING.... then you come to a rolling stop at the end of the ride, you fully drop into your body & can feel the entirety of physicality, your heart pumping, adrenaline surging, gravity catches up, your knees are shaking & you can feel the tension in your jaw, you take one hell of a deep breath, like your first breath on this earth & the realisation you survived, you check to see that your actually IN your body & have all the parts where they need to be... that, that is Taurus new moon.  

2024 was always destined to be a BIG year, this is a continuation of the catalyst for change conjunction that happened in 2020... and we're not done yet!  We are now in the frequency of the Super New Moon in Taurus.  

🌿 I invite you to feel the next inhalation... 

🌿 drop deeper into your body... 

🌿 feel the fullness within your physicality...

🌿 hold it there... for just a little longer... 

🌿 then exhale, surrender, let go.

Repeat this for as long as you need to bring your awareness, attention, mind & spirit back into your body.  

Taurus is EMBODIMENT.  And we are being called back INTO the fullness of your being.  

Since the full moon in Scorpio, we have had some seriously intense energy.  M class & X class Solar flares & huge peaks within the Schumann resonance, the massive energy pulses from the Sun above & the Earth below.  So for us humans in between, it can bring about headaches, migraines, vertigo, nausea, aggression, frustration, overwhelm, stagnation, and anxiety, among many other symptoms.   

The Moon's journey through the Scorpio / Pluto underworld has been potent for many, feelings... all the feelings, of surrender, of letting go, of shedding of skins, of deep transformation.  Trudging through the fear & festy muck, the dross, to a deeper understanding of trauma, experiences or situations that you have carried within your body & the influence that has had on you.  This is gifting you an opportunity to reframe the experience, to one of release, liberation or even freedom.  

🌿 This Taurus energy signature is the Empress Tarot card.  She is embodied, sensual, nourishing & fertile.  The Empress for me has that sense of strength & resilience, knowing that the greatest fertility & growth comes through nutrient-rich dynamic compost. Our Spiritual biosphere can compost the 'shit' we have carried, sometimes through generations or lifetimes, to become the fertile ground to plant seeds, that will have the potential to be long-lasting & have substantial growth, that can withstand the tests of time.  

Venus the ruling planet of Taurus, is also in her home sign. The place where she is free to come on in, fling her bra off & be her truest self, turning the lights down low & enjoying the sensual nature of life, for she is in her underworld journey.  This journey is an inner shadow walk, one to take alone, not needing to mask up, having any expectations or obligations to play out, simply experiencing all the sensations life has to offer.  The Scorpio full moon revelations, and now Pluto beginning his final retrograde into Capricorn (last time in this lifetime we will experience this), this is the opportunity to acknowledge who you are.   All the parts of you, the glossy & put together, the messy & unravelling, the parts of self you may not reveal to anyone, the parts you've hidden from yourself ... all of your embodied self.  

Venus asks for you to truly know thy self, reassess & refine your core values, and to know the true value of who you are, your soul currency.  This is a potent time of manifestation & magnetisation, as Taurus is about grounding & materialising that which is in true alignment with your core values.  By anchoring this frequency into your bones & becoming The Empress of your life.  And Venus will meet with Uranus on the 18th of May, who is the game changer & the revolutionary.  

Speaking of revolution, we have the 'Bear in the Woods', conversation that is being amplified the world over.  Firstly... Bear, Woods how very Earthly Taurean... then safety & security... again this is Taurus all over. We currently have Mercury, the planet of communication, meeting with Chiron, the wounded healer, who is in the sign of Aries, your identity & who you are as an individual.  You can't make this shit up!  So THIS conversation is on point!  

The energy signature is also in connection with Ceres, the Mother Goddess archetype in Earthly Capricorn, Mumma Bear energy!  Who is talking with Lilith, the original Wild Woman archetype who refused to be submissive & play small, in Earthly Virgo, holistic well-being creating a trine (flowing harmonic dynamic) with this Earthly Taurus New Moon, and Uranus, the revolutionary game changer!  

And to add to that we have Vesta, the Goddess of Hearth & Home, the devotional feminine in Cancer, the Mumma water energy, and a sense of belonging.  In this conversation, we as women are realising that we are not alone in this, too many have experienced our safety being threatened & violated & we are no longer keeping quiet.  And to our Men, the lightning bolt revelations of the experiences of women are coming to light, the toxicity at play, this is liberating to have this empowered conversation of such a scale.  

When I say Astrology is a living practice I mean it is very literal in so many ways, what is happening in the stars is at play in the world around & within us!  You just can't make this shit up!  

🌿 Wednesday 8th May, 11.21 WST, drop into the fullness of self & be fully present in the frequency of who you are.

🌿 Consciously over this moon phase, refine your values, plant your seeds, soak in the sun shining upon your skin, your feet on the earth and on your deep inhalation the crisp Autumn air awakening every cell in your body.  

🌿 Feel what it is to be human, to be Embodied, to be you.  

✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings 

Larissa O'Neill

Tribal women, strong, fierce.
The Empress, New Moon in Taurus


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