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Astrological New Year | SELF ACTIVISM

Who am I?

Who was I yesterday? 6 Months ago? A year ago?

And who will I be tomorrow?

What am I certain of today, my truth, that also has the potential to unravel tomorrow?

What do I believe about Self?

Is this narrative & perception informed by the external world?

Those around me? My loved ones?

Or is it through my Inner Authority? My Highest Self?

Am I defined by the 'Other'ness'? or by 'Self'ness'? 🔥 Who am I & what do I stand for?

We are on the threshold of another cycle, the gateway of the in-between & at the moment of exhalation & the gasp all at the same time. This is it, here we are.

The Sun, our Luminary, today ingressed into Aries. He has swung the door open to the next Astrological jaunt through the Zodiac.

There is a quickening at play, a moment ago it was January 1st... in a minute it will be 2030...

Not only is time speeding up but so are we consciously. Our evolution is expanding, the quickening has begun. Solar flares have increased dramatically and this is amping up our conscious evolution.

What does that mean? ... we are learning exponentially & once you know, you can't unknow.

When frequency aligns, manifestation appears, synchronistically it arrives in reality.

So the Sun, who has just arrived at Aries House knocked on the door & let himself in.

After the intensity of the last couple of months, the erratic & aloof nature of being in Aquarius. The depths of Pisces, especially with Saturn having to deal with & take responsibility around handling your business, and things getting all fuzzy & feely as Neptune made himself known...

Showing up at Aries House feels much more in alignment with the Sun's vibes... bring on the fire, purpose & passion.

Time to shake off the dross, the outgrown, the expectations.... oh yeah, shake that shit off.

Aries, the Wayshower, of the inner landscape & the outer world.

This is The Pioneer forging new paths, purpose & direction.

And Aries... all about ME... and in this Eclipse gateway and the WE.

These next few months are going to be BIG ONES, and we are here for the ride!

Aries energy is all about purpose & direction, bringing through Wisdom & Visions from Pisces, and being charged with Sacred Responsibility by Saturn... This Aries energy is ACTIVATED!

Mercury is going to be hanging out in Aries for a while too. He's meeting up with Chiron, our Wounded Healer & the Node of Destiny. So he is listening & gleaning nuggets of gold, of growth, healing & revelations.

This has a Joan of Arc Vibe to it. Activism with purpose... Dharma.

The upcoming Eclipse this weekend... Between Aries & Libra...

Ohhhh... it's good. This is the Axis of the I & the We. Of Self & Others.

The Aries energy is commanding us to step into SELF-ACTIVISM.

The I AM, is being charged & called into your Self'ness, with all that you are.

The greatest medicine is to know ourselves, most expansively, in all the nooks & crannies, so we can show up, fully show up, with who we are in the moment.

SELF ACTIVISM is to stand for yourself, to fight for yourself, and be intrigued by the fullness of Self & who you are as The Wayshower of your life.

Take up all the space you need! You've worked for it, don't shrink yourself for another's comfort. We are done with that.

This is my invitation to you.

🔥 Who are YOU?

🔥 Who is the SELF?

🔥 Who do you stand for?

🔥 SELF ACTIVISM is not selfish, it is to know thyself that empowers the Way-shower

as we stride into the next journey through the stars.

🔥 YOU are the JOAN OF ARC of our times & Dharma awaits.

🔥 When Women Gather... the World shifts. It is time. ✨ Cosmic Blessings Larissa O'Neill


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