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Hades Full Moon | Embodiment as your Revolution

We are in times unfathomable, our opportunity for growth in every way exponential, the shedding of the skin, a lifetime or more of all that is no longer serving us, or it's part of your journey now complete. 

This Hades moon, takes us deep into the body, your cellular, emotional & spiritual body... and to your bones. 

Scorpio Moons have the potential to create great transformation in our lives, and this one is no exception. The moon in her absolute ripeness in the night sky, illuminates & reveals. Scorpio the Alchemist steps up to the challenge and shines brightly into the shadows. 

Over the past couple of moon cycles, we have had potent eclipse portals, calling us to find the equilibrium between the 'I' & the 'We', who am I without the other, being another person, partner or the external version or mask that can often be worn. 

Chiron has been activated & the Shaman of the cosmos has revealed, transmuting & healing, long-standing wounds, held deep within the bones, passed down through our lineage. We are in times of immense growth, consciously with quantum leaps & bounds, on personal, individual & collective levels. With access to technology, information, AI, and all that it entails. It is not going away, it's learning to create a harmonious equilibrium with it & ensuring that ethics, morals & our value alignment with humans remain within the core processing of AI.

Now thats a big convo in of itself, and one for another day, however, Uranus, the innovator & technologically aligned is bringing this to the table for discussions.

Where we're we... Chiron, healing, lineage...

Ahhh yes, our access to a multitude of tools, modalities & information, also asks of you to be discerning & ensure integrity is in alignment with your values, as this Scorpio moon will bring all of these misalignments to the surface, causing shattering & shuddering of illusions, that can feel like the earth beneath your feet & within actually moved. So listen out for any messages or signs, that Mercury may deliver you as he has stopped to see Chiron.

Our radiant Sun has now shifted in Taurus, sensual, sexual & values the pleasures of life. 

Taurus invites you into true EMBODIMENT, of who you are, down to the core, your BONES, your BLOOD.

Enlightenment isn't about ascending into the spiritual realms & bypassing our humanness. It's about deeply valuing who you are, those gone before you & those to come.

Lineage is extremely important to me, and this is passed down through our blood & bone, in story & song, in ways of being, beliefs, mastery & challenges, of how we value those around us, our community & tribe, our loved ones & family, and our sacred self.

To come into full Taurean embodiment is to wonder about the simplicities & complexities of life. From the world around you to the world within. This Scorpio Moon invites us to go within, deep within. This is a Hades Moon, amplified by Pluto & Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio) comes into the picture as he is seducing & tantalising Pluto, from the water realms of Pisces.

I have been blessed over the past couple of months to be in both Bali & Aotearoa New Zealand, and find myself back in Bali once more. To witness, the deep values that both the Maori & the Balinese have for family & lineage, for the myths, legends & stories of culture & the sacred honouring of the unseen realms. They do not hide away, shun or 'love & light' away the 'bad' spirits or negative energy, in the world around them or within. They get curious, they light the shadows, and with respect, they enquire as to what is at play & what needs to shift to come back to the right relationship with self. As when you take sacred responsibility around this, your healing & cleansing your bones, your spirit the temple that is you, what you do now surges through your bones & will be passed down through your descendants & your future self.

⚡️ YOU are living your future self's past life right now in this moment.

Yep let me say that once more...

⚡️ YOU are living your future self's past life right now in this moment.

⚡️ How does that feel in your body to hear that?

⚡️ How does it feel in your body to say that?

⚡️ Listen to the messages that come up for you.

Taurus wants you to Feel all the Feels, true wholehearted embodiment.

This can be earth-shuddering to consider. Lineage AND your future self.

It can be the lightning bolt you need.

To amp up the energy this week, we have had Jupiter & Uranus meet up in Taurus & their energetic pulse ripples out into the ether & through your bones. Jupiter is the Quartz Crystal of the cosmos, he amps everything up, and he commands truth & freedom. Uranus has been intensely busy over the past couple of years, he's the Game Changer, the Lightning both, the Revolutionary and he calls for Liberation.

LIBERATION & REVOLUTION are at the core of this Hades moon, as they too are enticing both Mars & Pluto with the intoxicating Taurean essence of embodiment.

This energy will be felt for the next few months, as it makes its way into your bones.

Those with strong fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius & Scorpio, will feel this more intensely.

Some may get the bells & whistles, fireworks-type lightning bolt of Liberation & Revolution, and if thats you... celebrate the Truth of who you are.

More often than not it's in the subtleties & nuances that Liberation & Revolution takes place. It's the moment when you realise what Freedom feels like, or the aha moment when something that has been held in the emotional body has been released from your physical body, through somatic bodywork & you don't have to carry that any more or pass it down to your lineage. Or your inner dialogue, self-judgement or relationship with your physical body is one of celebration instead of self-degradation. It can be the simplest of things that are the biggest of experiences, no fireworks, just an exhalation in the acknowledgement, that your body now knows what liberation feels like.

To our Wyld Tribe who are blessed to enter into Sacred ceremony with Trace in the King & Queens Chamber deep within the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt this morning, The Great Mother Goddess Hathor is exactly conjunct with The Goddess Sekhmet in Taurus as well ... how's that for an alignment... You can't make this shit up!!! Deep healing of the Great Mother, all Mothers. Re-mothering of self if you weren't mothered in the way that you needed.

⚡️ This is the revolution frequency we want to carry in our bones, to surge through our blood. This is what you can pass down through your lineage & to your future self.

⚡️ We are here to be human, to be in a physical body with all of the bodies in right relationship, to feel & experience all that the human body is here to experience.

⚡️ You are Sacred, You are the EMBODIMENT of YOU, You are human!

✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings Larissa xXx

Taurus woman, with horns, flowers
Full Moon in Scorpio


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