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Kundalini Magick | BALI a deep transformational immersion.


In the heart of the Indonesian archipelago lies a land of palm trees & beaches, of mountains and waterways—a place where the soul finds solace amidst the cascading waterfalls, ancient temples, and mystical beauty that define the island of Bali.

As I prepare to Priestess for the women who are called to embark on a journey of soulful exploration, deep work and Kundalini Magick, I am filled with a great sense of humility and a knowing that amidst the natural wonders and spiritual sanctuaries of this sacred land, a profound personal transformation awaits.

Before we begin as part of my process of preparation, I am called to the waterfalls.

They are like whispers from the heart of the earth, their crystalline waters cascading gracefully down verdant cliffsides, creating a symphony of sound and movement that resonates with the very essence of life itself. Like the undulating curve of the serpent as she stirs as the root of my spine. I descend down large step stairways and feel the spray of the falls on my face, there is a deep clearing that happens within me in a way that can only be supported by the flow that is resplendent in this place.

One of my favorite Waterfalls—a sanctuary of serenity nestled amidst the lush jungle foliage aids me as I prepare. For to be in the role of Priestess first I must be in the space of deep self reflection and so as I stand before its majestic beauty, I feel a sense of awe wash over me with the water—a recognition of the sacredness that dwells within the heart of nature echoed in the heart of me.

But it is not only in the natural wonders of Bali that one finds magick, for the island is also home to a rich spiritual heritage—a legacy created by generations of devotees who have prayed to the gods, left their energy in the architecture & sought solace and enlightenment amidst its ancient temples. And so I introduce myself to the land and ask permission from the ancestors to weave my own magick with theirs in service to the women, humanity and the Island.

From the towering pagodas, to the serene tranquility of the water temples, to the marvellous gateways that becon you so a heavenly place, each sacred site I have visited tells a story of reverence, sacredness and timeless wisdom. I know that each footstep that I take echos across time, where the ancients once walked and the descendant will one day travel.

And still the serpent stirs for we begin on the morrow to bring in the transformative power of our Kundalini immersion—a sacred dance of energy and intention that awakens the divine spark within. As I prepare amidst the natural splendor of this enchanted island, I am filled with reverence and a humble knowing that in the dance of movement and breath, we will tap into the primal forces that govern the universe. THIS is the power of personal enquiry, sacred responsibility and opening to the frequency of change.

I know that for the women a profound transformation awaits—a journey of soulful exploration that will leave an indelible mark upon all of our hearts and souls.

Wyld Blessings

Trace xXx


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