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Leo Full Moon

If we had to choose only 1 week out of 2024 that gives you more bang for your buck, this would be it.

I spoke about the Sun swinging the door open for Pluto as he struts on into Aquarius, to check out his new digs, a few days ago. We now have the energetic build-up in a big way, the Leo Full Moon tomorrow Friday 26th Jan. We hit the zenith of lunar energy, this the catalyst... cataclysmic... chaotic... pulse that ripples out through the cosmic waters of life. The waters that quench the spiritual thirst of our collective soul. The conscience of water, that we energetically & spiritually sustain our life force with, this is where the pebbles are being dropped, where the ripples, become waves, become surges then Tsunami & our inner landscape & spiritual biosphere is forever changed.

But wait, the Moon is in Leo, thats a fire sign, all showy, loud & out does that work?

True, Leo does carry those qualities & things will be loud, the ego will be out there & the world around us could get fiery, volatile & aggressive.

Leo is the sovereign self, our power centre of true expression & creation. Our luminous Moon, she's radiant in Leo, as her regal sovereign self, illuminating what needs to come to light, to be seen, to be revealed. She is reflecting the light of the Sun, Leo's ruling planet & highlighting what our conscious self, can no longer unsee.

The Sun, our life force, our heart & the spirit of self, shining from the fixed sign of Aquarius, with Pluto by his side.

Pluto, aka Hades, the God of the Underworld, the Alchemist of the shadows, this feels like a 'Claiming of the Crown' kinda moment, and Pluto is commanding the attention, he's arrived & got work to do & the stars are aligning.

Speaking of all showy, loud & out there, Jupiter, aka Zeus, is not missing out on all the fun & is flexing his muscles & banging his chest to be seen, from over at Taurus's place. And he's showing up & throwing down in this celestial gameplay, he's the Cosmic Hype guy & getting loud!

We are in a monumental Power Struggle... I want to offer a reframe of that... a Power Reclamation, a Power Recalibration.

In our Muggle realms LISTEN, to what is being played out in our reality, mainstream media, radio, Spotify, Netflix & socials. TRULY LISTEN & pay attention to conversations, song lyrics, shows, and movies & doco's that are being released, especially this week... eye-opening... plain sight...can you see?

WITNESS, the power dynamics, body language & flex, the interaction between various social, cultural & political groups.

TUNE IN YOUR FREQUENCY to the truth of what is being revealed & illuminated in these moments. What are you choosing to swallow? What are you sustaining your life force with?

Pluto is here to reveal the toxicity of what we are absorbing, drinking & quenching our thirst with.

There are some phenomenal discoveries, research & experiments happening with water, quantum energy & the consciousness of water itself.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, pours from her vessel, the life-giving waters for spiritual & energetic hydration, to quench humanity on a soul-deep level. Aquarius, Uranus is the ruling planet, is an air sign, mercurial liquid light energy & frequencies.

So LISTEN, WITNESS, TUNE IN, what are the 'Collective We' absorbing & drinking in?

Toxicity, power plays, Power over, our energetic bodies are drowning in the sensory overload.

As this energy peaks & releases, witness what is happening in the world around you & within,

once the pebble drops, there is no stopping the ripple effect.

Australia Day tomorrow is & has been a controversial & divisional day, tearing at our society for many years now. And yes too many are trying to justify their reasoning in all the various ways. Even with the awareness of information around the date, the knowledge around recorded history, the understanding of the cultural genocide & the PTSD still playing out, ignorance & entitlement are still shouting loudly.

How quickly do we take something on & it can become 'tradition' or our 'belief' when the reality is only a recent construct.

And the 'marketing strategy' of the supermarkets... yep even they're flexing & being loud.

There is so much more I could say about Perth, our 'leaders', the frequency devices they are using, surveillance, the cutting off a major corridor of the wider city & low socio-economic area... but that could get messy on this platform. Witness, be informed.

Witness the Litmus Test of society when innovation, out of the box, against the norm, ideas & concepts come up. Witness the SM barrage of narrow thinking, ignorance & victimhood come out to play. Then take a deep breath widen your perspective & look again. Again how quickly do we take something on & it can become 'tradition' or our 'belief', when the reality is only a recent construct.

Australia may be a big country, with a history beyond the known, but the 'many' still have tunnel vision.

This full moon will be big as it is, backing the Pluto & Sun showing up in Aquarius, and on Saturday we have Uranus stationing to move direct... BIG shuddering energy, turning a tanker ship around in choppy waters, surrounded by those bells & whistles Cruise Ships that don't want you to create waves... yep that kinda feels.

Jupiter will continue to be the Hype Guy & take what is being revealed & will be off to see Uranus in the next couple of months, where the energy could be explosive & Earth-shattering, metaphorically & possibly physically.

⚡️ Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, this is how we create a conscious humanity.

⚡️ Expect the unexpected, this is where innovations & creativity thrive.

⚡️ Have the BIG conversations, not just with those who think the same, the echo chamber, do so with those who challenge your known reality, show you the doorway to the unknown, broaden your awareness... the juicy conversations.

⚡️ Those 'Aha' moments can come in like lightning bolts.

💎 Drink water, as pure, aligned, live & energised as you can.

💎 Get out into nature, the ocean, the trees. Get your feet on the grass, in the sand, in the water.

💎 Ground...Breath...

💎 Recalibrate your life force, nourish & nurture your heart & power centres.

💎 Reclaim your power, and draw back in the threads & tendrils of energy.

💎 Reclaim your power, stoke your inner flame & spark the fires of those around you.

💎 Ask the questions, offer insights, listen to the perspectives, and witness the interactions. 💎 Tend to your Spiritual Biosphere.

Leo is about the Sovereign Self, true leadership comes through knowing thyself, in all of the nooks, crannies & edges of self. It's about leading through the heart, in full embodiment of the wisdom of lived experience. It's about knowing you're more than your singular Self, you are your ancestors & hold the frequency of your descendants & all the illiterations of self in this lifetime.

Leadership, authentic circular leadership, is standing alongside other leaders, in healthy ego, leading from the heart, through the mucky waters of our current consciousness & shining our light for the Tribe, Community & Humanity. This is where the beacons of light we carry today become heart fires of our tomorrow, where we gather laugh, sing, bring joy & tell stories, of the time that was...

✨ Wyld Cosmic Blessings Larissa O'Neill


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