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The Unyielding Light Within | A Soul's Journey of Determination

In the quiet moments of reflection, when the world fades into whispers and shadows, I find myself drawn to the flickering flame of determination—a flame that has guided me through the darkest of nights and illuminated the path towards my wildest dreams. It is a flame born not of fleeting desires or passing whims, but of a steadfast resolve—a resolve to stand unwavering in the face of adversity and to persevere, no matter the obstacles that may lie in my path.

My journey with determination began long ago, fueled by a vision—a vision of a world where compassion reigns supreme, where harmony is woven into the very fabric of existence, where women can rise into their allness and where every soul is free to dance to the rhythm of their own heart. It was a vision that seemed distant and unattainable, yet somehow, deep within the recesses of my soul, I knew it was worth fighting for.

And so, with a heart full of hope and a spirit ablaze with passion, I embarked on a quest—a quest to be a catalyst for change, to be a beacon of light in a world seemingly shrouded in darkness. Along the way, I encountered challenges that tested my resolve—moments of doubt, moments of fear, moments when it seemed easier to simply turn back and retreat into the safety of the familiar. I have laid upon the bathroom floor deep in the darkness of my grief, but the determination to be 'more' helped me crawl from that abyss towards the light slowly creeping through the shadows.

So with each trial, I discovered a reservoir of strength within myself—a strength born not of force or aggression, but of an unwavering faith in the power of my own convictions. It was a faith that allowed me to weather the storms of uncertainty, to navigate the twists and turns of fate with grace and resilience.

womann with drum at festival
Sistahood Rising Festival .. a dream come true ✨

One of the most profound manifestations of my determination came through my creation of 'sistahood circles' at the very worst time in my life which then evolved into my larger vision the creation of Wyld Tribe. I wanted model that no matter what happens in one's life, through determination you can heal, take sacred responsibility and grow.

So Wyld Tribe became a soft place to fall for many over the years, an inspiration created from my determination to heal my wounds and BE the change this world so desperately needs. We are a Tribe dedicated to creating positive change in the world by challenging outdated belief systems, the patricharal undercurrent and by rewylding our humanness.

As the creatrix of this tribe, I found myself surrounded by kindred spirits—souls united by a shared vision and a shared commitment to making a difference. Larissa, my soul sista ALWAYS having my back, calling me out when I fell into the dark & always being the YES .. 'let's do it' to my wildest aspirations.

Together, we embark on ambitious projects, from commUNITY initiatives to further women's empowerment, to women centred Soul-Journeys offering the world to those who otherwise might not venture into the great unknown alone. To opportunities for deep soul healing and nourishment and to heal the 'sistahood wound' that cuts so deep in womankind.

Each endeavor presents its own set of challenges, but with determination as our guiding light, we persevere. We dig deep within ourselves, drawing upon the wellspring of courage and resilience that resides within us, and together, we turned our dreams into reality.

Looking back on my journey with determination, I am reminded of the words of the poet Rumi: "The wound is the place where the light enters you."

This was said to me in my darkest of days by a woman I greatly respect, and it spurred me forth to create, manifest, take inspired action and BEcome all I knew I could be.

For it is through our struggles, our setbacks, and our moments of doubt that we discover the true depths of our own strength. It is through our determination to rise above adversity, to embrace the light within, that we become the architects of our own destiny.

And so, to all those who dare to dream, who dare to believe in the power of their own potential, I offer these words of encouragement:

"Embrace your determination as the superpower it truly is. Let it be the guiding star that leads you through the darkest of nights, the unwavering beacon that illuminates the path towards your wildest dreams"

For within you lies the power to change the world, one courageous step at a time.

Wyld Blessings

Trace xXx


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