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Virgo Full Moon | Be the Sacred Ritual of Life

Here we are at the last full moon of the Astrological year, the climax, the finale. Another cycle of growth, evolution & all that it takes to be human.

Virgo micro full moon is honing in on all the fine details, the intricacies & the filament of the past cycle, to be acknowledged, healed, embodied & celebrated. It's the little things that need to be celebrated because they are the big things. Be your own hype guy!

This moon has a bit of a hangover kinda vibe, energetically it's been a big week or two, and it sure as hell has been a big calendar year already. Now is an incredibly potent time to take stock of where you're at, how you're choosing to show up & how you're shining your light in the world. Saturn is sitting up close & personal with the sun, Saturn, Cronos, the Task Master & Keeper of Time. Taking sacred responsibility for who you are. You might not be 'where' you expected to be, 'achieved' what you intended or this chapter of your story might have had a game changer twist that you never expected, doesn't mean that there is fault or blame, don't feed into the victim or perfectionist aspect of Virgo. However, it is your sacred responsibility you do what you need to do, to show up as your whole self, shine your light as intensely as you can & share your soul's voice in the world, no matter the circumstances at play in the world around you.

We are also feeling the frequency of Chiron, meeting the nodes of fate in Aries. until mid-March, with March 5th being the peak. Unlayering of our wounds, stories we've been telling ourselves, attachments to labels as a sense of identity, to then come back to the core of Self. I heard something this week, from an incredible Maori Leader, I can't recall his name right now but I'll find out, his business is Te Whare aoi. We know that soul growth & evolution are about peeling back the layers of the onion, layer after layer until we get to the core. Thats where the key to the wounding resides. but of course, there are always more layers. what he spoke of is not about no more onion layers, but becoming 'The Master of peeling onions'. That lil piece of wisdom that dropped in deeply, with a big hell yes! We too often try to get rid of the pain, hurt, and wounding, however, the nodes of destiny invite us to embody the wisdom of the teaching & become The Masters instead. This is embodying the wisdom of the true Self.

Pluto, our power player of the times, has had Mars, the God of war, and Venus, the Sacred Feminine, stop in to meet him in Aquarius since the new moon. Powerful alignments around creating transformation around the Sacred Masculine & Feminine. This is not a Men, Woman, thing it's about the inner sacred dance we have within every one of us. The miss alignment or the friction points within self... and in the world around us. Considering how this energy dances within, are you more Feminine, or Masculine? Do you also bring in the other quality, or is there residual tainting of this frequency within you? Do you have a harmonic & sometimes chaotic dance of the two?

The Virgo, Pisces axis is about the sacred ritual of life, the ceremony, the offering & the Medicine. You are the altar, YOU are the devotional practice, that seeks the attention, time & service that we offer our external world. Being of the beautiful Islands of Bali, especially in Ubud, being witness to the sacred of daily life here by the local people, where the ancestors & the present people, The Spirits both Good & Bad are entwined in everyday life, the devotional practice & honouring to all. The sacred elements, of Water & Earth, are very much a visceral thread of daily life.

How the Balinese go about life every day, the ritual of honouring every morning within the family temple & village, honouring the ancestors & the living. This is the living Prayer

How they hold themselves, the sacred symbols, incense & flowers, they are the living Altar

How they go about life in service & devotion to the Spirits, their village as well as the Tourists, all in the same breathe. This is the living Offering of Service

How they move through the seasons & cycles, ceremonies & celebrations, This is the Sacred Ceremony.

How can we invite this into our own lives?

✨ You are the Prayer

✨ You are the Altar,

✨ You are the Offering

✨ You are the Ceremony

The sacred container within Kundalini Immersion, here in Mumma Bali, has been exploring these aspects, the shadow & the light. Calling on our body wisdom, utilising breath & movement as the alchemical keys for transformation & transmutation, not getting tangled within the stories, or hanging on for dear life to those pieces of identity.

Calling in the sacred to our living practice. Under this potent portal, the integration & reflection of our lives & how we choose to 'Be' in the world has been phenomenal.

The Sacred feminine is strong over the next few days, as the Moon meets with Juno and Lilith, the Original Wild Woman archetype, are inviting us to make a Commitment to the Primal Powerful aspect of Self, as a deep longing Prayer in the way in which you live your life. Honour the sacred temple that is you. Offer your wisdom & mastery in service to your community & truly embody the sense that it is YOU, you are the Ceremony of life.

Stepping out of our day-to-day lives is an incredible way to reflect on your life, what is present, what has now past & the potential of what is to come. When we raise our vibration to meet this sacred vision, the universe offers the energy slipstreams to harness & the eyes to see the filament & threads of life we choose to weave in. This is your invitation to begin this next Astrological year in radical sacred responsibility around who you are & the equilibrium between the sacred & the every day because every day is sacred & in the sacred, there is every day. Chop wood, and carry water. The key here is to 'Be' the Ritual of life.

I'm sitting in a Tattoo shop in Bali, as i write this. A potent completion of an Astrological cycle, becoming an Initiate within the Kundalini Immersion, and in a monumental personal transformation gateway, a scared honouring of the Self, required the invocation & markings upon the skin, was absolutely needed.

💎 I am Sacred

💎 I am the Ritual

💎 I am the Ceremony.

Cosmic Blessings

Larissa xXx


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